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Sunday adventures with carbon monoxide detectors

Posted July 13, 2014 by andrea tomkins

The carbon monoxide detector went off at 5:35 this (Sunday) morning. To be clear, it’s a combination smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector and it came in a pair, one of which is installed in the upstairs hallway right outside our bedrooms and the other downstairs near the front door. My first instinct is to ignore the […]

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Does BMI Underestimate Adiposity in Kids?

Posted July 8, 2014 by Arya M. Sharma, MD

Regular readers are well aware of my reservations regarding the use of BMI as a diagnostic parameter in clinical practice. After all, while BMI may tell us how big someone is, it certainly is not a good measure of how sick someone is. But to be honest, BMI was never intended as a measure of […]

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Canadians Embark on Landmark Study on Managing Childhood Obesity

Posted June 27, 2014 by Arya M. Sharma, MD

In line with  global trends, there is considerable concern in Canada on the rising prevalence of childhood obesity. While much work continues to focus on preventing childhood obesity, far less is known about managing it. Now, a virtual who-is-who of pediatric obesity researchers and clinicians from across Canada have embarked on a creating the CANadian […]

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