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What Robot Theology Can Tell Us About Ourselves

Posted September 1, 2014 by Michael Schulson

There are places you never expect to be in life. For me, this was certainly one of them: in a conference room in suburban Charlotte, on the campus of Southern Evangelical Seminary, with an enormous old Bible on a side table, shelves of Great Books lini…

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Nice, but not for you!

Posted July 28, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Yes kids, we are all going to hell in a hand-basket? Why a hand-basket, you ask? I have no idea, that’s just what everybody says! As you probably know by now, Comic-con was held this past weekend in San Diego, and this group of girls/women (?) showed up dressed like this! Aside from complaining that […]

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asshole trophy
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We got trouble in River City Folks!

Posted June 12, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Folks, this is wrong on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin! Why this wasn’t one of the main election issues is totally beyond me, but then again, people just seem naturally reticent about asking for my opinion about stuff………, and that’s why I started this “Blog!” SO! How do I begin? […]

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The Love Advice For Athletes Who Cut Corners

Posted June 8, 2014 by Anonymous

No matter who it is, or how much time you have after training or later in the day. When you are training, you are doing it from start to finish. Easy subject, right? Well, you would be surprised… I really am no expert on this, so I am writing this as if I am giving […]

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Sunday Morning Funnies # 22

Posted June 8, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

————-The Job Interview An office manager was given the task of hiring an individual to fill a job opening. After sorting through a stack of resumes he found four people who were equally qualified. He decided to call the four in and ask them one question and their answer would determine who would get the […]

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Saturday Morning Confusion About XL Pipeline!

Posted April 12, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Dear Readers: First of all we have some news from the town of Kitimat, way out in the wilds of British Columbia. You know about Kitimat, that’s the place where the XL pipeline is supposed to feed into a marine terminal for shipping oil overseas! Well, the tree huggers have been poring all sorts of […]

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Canadian SEX not Canadian enough!

Posted March 6, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

You might remember a quote by Pierre Elliot Trudeau: “The government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation!” WELL, tell that to the CRTC! Yesterday, the CRTC issued a broadcast notice saying AOV Adult Movie Channel, XXX Action Clips and the gay-oriented Maleflixxx were all failing to reach the required 35% threshold for […]

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Apt613′s 4th Annual Big O-Town Sexy Survey

Posted February 3, 2014 by François Levesque

It’s the 4th year in a row we’re publishing the Big Sexy O-town Sex Survey! While we still want to know about the ins and outs of Ottawans’ sex lives, we’ve added a few questions to learn more about Ottawa’s dating scene. You think it sucks to be single in the city? Then maybe we [...]

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Sex? Ya can’t “take advantage” of a 15 year old kid, folks!

Posted January 24, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

I don’t know what sort of a world these people are living in folks, but ya can’t “take advantage” of a 15 year old boy! SAINT-JEROME, Que. — Former gym teacher Tania Pontbriand was convicted Thursday of sex assault after a 15-year-old student said they had sex more than 200 times. Pontbriand, now 43, is […]

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