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3 Rainy Day Crafts To Brighten Any Kid’s Day

Posted November 17, 2014 by Anonymous

Written by Kait Fowlie Rainy November days require tactics for indoor fun. Rather than vegetate on the couch and stare into a screen, take advantage of home-bound days to put your kid’s imagination to work. These super-simple, something-from-nothing crafts all […]

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Vintage Silver Twig Christmas Swag

Posted November 15, 2014 by Anonymous

When I saw these little twigs I fell in love.. their silvery bark and sparkly tiny pine cones made my heart sing. They speak to me of Christmas, sweet little twigs dressed in winter’s frosty coat. I knew I wanted to make a new Christmas wreath, well, winter wreath with these twigs. So I hunted for two […]

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Flower Basket Jack-O-Lantern: DIY Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Posted October 7, 2014 by Anonymous

Written, created and photographed by Kait Fowlie Set aside an afternoon to make this pretty fall centerpiece that’ll add some natural charm to your Thanksgiving table. A hollowed-out pumpkin carved to look like a basket leaves much room for creativity, […]

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