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Grain-free, Nut-free Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Posted September 6, 2018 by Angela (Oh She Glows)

Well, I finally did it—feast your eyes on these grain-free, nut-free vegan chocolate chunk beauties!! Whew. Nicole and I, along with a couple bonus mama testers (shout-out to Cynthia and Jen!), teamed up to test about 25 batches of cookies these past few weeks! High fives all around. I couldn’t do it without these amazing […]

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3-Ingredient Chia and Quinoa Flatbread (vegan)

Posted August 27, 2018 by Angela (Oh She Glows)

Oh boy, allergy elimination diets are a breeze! Said no one ever. It’s been challenging to think of recipes when many of the foods and ingredients I love are also ones I should avoid for a bit before gradually reintroducing. So when I came up with these flatbreads, I was seriously overjoyed! There’s always a […]

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