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Nah nah nah nah Goodbye

Posted January 19, 2021 by Anonymous

Cartoon for @chronicleherald #trump #BidenHarrisInauguration #BidenHarris #TrumpTreason

— Michael de Adder (@deAdder) January 19, 2021

And so after four years as a failed president, tomorrow Donald Trump will return to his previous career as a failed businessman.

— Victor Laszlo (@Impolitics) January 19, 2021

It feels a bit like Christmas Eve, but you already know what you’ll get when you open the present. A restoration of American democracy, decency, and hope.

— Dan Rather (@DanRather) January 19, 2021

I’m like a little kid on Democracy Eve

— Tom and Lorenzo (@tomandlorenzo) January 19, 2021

would he settle for me launching water balloons filled with cat piss at him as he’s wheeled out of town in a garbage can

— kilgore trout, brad r’s brother (@KT_So_It_Goes) January 15, 2021

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Saturday Stories: The Myths Of Pandemic Fatigue, COVID Is Absolutely Controllable, And On Being A Female Expert

Posted January 16, 2021 by Yoni Freedhoff

If you’re not already following Dr. Popescu, you should be.
Stephen Reicher and John Drury, in the BMJ, on how adherence to COVID recommendations is reliant more on resources and less on motivation or energy.Gideon M-K, in Medium, with the plain truth …

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What happened on 1/6, and what will happen next

Posted January 14, 2021 by Anonymous

Here’s a map I found that illustrates the Jan 6 Trump Insurrection: The New York Times has an excellent interactive article which describes how the attack on the US Capital building went, and here’s an article from the Washington Post describing what W…

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Some stuff to enjoy while we wait for the apocalypse

Posted January 11, 2021 by Anonymous

 Here’s some stuff I collected from Twitter – enjoy! My goal was to lose 10 lbs by the end of 2020. Only 24 lbs to go!— Jordan (@FoxyDocKnoxy) December 28, 2020 Okay, who did this?— jamie (@gnuman1979) December 28, 2020…

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How close was that?

Posted January 9, 2021 by Anonymous

What an awful week. I’m still processing the horror of what happened, and what almost happened, in Washington.  It seems pretty clear now that Trump and his grotesque family wanted the mob to invade Congress and lynch them if they would…

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Saturday Stories: Vaccination, Variants, and Lockdowns

Posted January 9, 2021 by Yoni Freedhoff

Daniela J. Lamas, in The New York Times, reflects as a front line physician on her vaccination.
Julia Belluz in Vox, on the new COVID variants and their implications for vaccinations

Alex Crozier, in The Guardian, on how lockdowns can’t work without …

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I think Trump will try to declare Martial Law

Posted January 4, 2021 by Anonymous

When Trump doesn’t succeed on Wednesday to get Pence to “do something” about winning the election, I believe he is going to try to declare Martial Law, thinking that will stop Biden from being sworn in. It’s going to be a nightmare. We’re alr…

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Saturday Stories: Year Two And The New Strain

Posted January 2, 2021 by Yoni Freedhoff

Ed Yong, in The Atlantic, with a typically phenomenal piece (and sadly the last he’ll be writing for a while as he finishes up a book) where he discusses the pandemic’s year two.Kai Kupferschmidt, in Science, with what you need to know, and why people…

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Saturday Stories: Bill Gates’ Hopeful Thoughts, COVID Mythbusting, And #COVIDZero

Posted December 26, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Bill Gates, in his blog GatesNotes, explains the science of why 2021 promises many more advances in the treatment and prevention of COVID and science as a whole.
Gid MK, in Medium, busting 20 myths about COVID
Devi Sridhar, in The Guardian, on how the…

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My favorite Christmas videos

Posted December 23, 2020 by Anonymous

Here are some of my favorite “Christmas” videos, the ones I listen to every year around this time:  This one is from one of the oddest Christmas specials ever:  Here’s my husband’s favorite – it reminds him of his own trips home at Chris…

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Saturday Stories: Caring For Patients With COVID, Side Effects, And Science

Posted December 19, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Olivia Veira and Joshua M. Sharfstein, in JAMA, with a roundup of healthcare workers’ candid thoughts on caring for patients with COVID.
Maryn McKenna, in Wired, on the importance of talking about the vaccines’ side effects.
Ed Yong, in The Atlantic, …

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Christmas commercials

Posted December 13, 2020 by Anonymous

Yeah, I know, but I just wasted an hour of my life watching a TV show that supposedly had the greatest Christmas commercials this year and they were all pretty awful. Here’s some better ones. My new favorite: This one is worth watching until the end: …

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Saturday Stories: How Pfizer’s Vaccine Works, School Closures And Life Expectancies, And Your Place In The Vaccination Line

Posted December 12, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Jonathan Corum and Carl Zimmer, in The New York Times, explain how the Pfizer vaccine will work inside of your body.Melissa Davey, in The Guardian, digs past the alarmist headlines and breathless tweets and speaks with epidemiologist Gid MK to explore…

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Saturday Stories: What We Should Be Doing While Awaiting Vaccines, How To Make The Best Of Vaccines, And Our Shameful Failure With Our Racialized Neighbourhoods

Posted December 5, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Zain Chagla, Sumon Chakrabarti, Isaac Bogoch and Lynora Saxinger, in The National Post, on what we should be doing with vaccines on the horizon.Helen Branswell, in STAT, on how we might make best use of the vaccines once they arrive.Jennifer Yang, Kat…

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Dogs! Lots of dogs!

Posted November 29, 2020 by Anonymous

For a delightful change of pace, here’s some of the best dog videos now on the web:

Crazy agility by Pink the border collie..

Come for the speed – stay for flying hug…

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) November 27, 2020

Gm tweeties, happy hump day! Enjoy your day everyone.

— ༺🦋༻ᗰᗩƳᖇᗩ༺🦋༻ (@LepapillonBlu) November 25, 2020

His favorite toy

— The Feel Good Page ❤️ (@akkitwts) November 23, 2020

ok it is time to remember when three dogs thought it was just another day and it turned out to be a great day they are so happy tbh

— darth™ (@darth) November 11, 2016

These two are Branch Managers..

— Land of cuteness (@landpsychology) November 27, 2020

Don’t mind him. He’s just trying to fit in..

— Land of cuteness (@landpsychology) November 27, 2020

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Saturday Stories: Rapid Home Testing Could Save The Day, Pandemic Winter Rules To Rule Them All, And Yes, Kids Transmit COVID19

Posted November 28, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Michael Mina, in TIME, on why he thinks cheap, rapid, testing could dig us out of our holes long before vaccines start going into arms. James Hamblin, in The Atlantic, with the most important rule to follow to protect yourself from COVID thi…

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My #Movember Alex Trebek Tribute Moustache And Why I Almost Didn’t Bother

Posted November 24, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Plainly, 2020 has been an awful year.And I know that I haven’t been blogging, but it just feels wrong to be writing about nutrition, medicine, or weight management in the face of our tragic new realities.I do hope this post finds you and yours healthy…

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The tweet of the year

Posted November 24, 2020 by Anonymous

This is from September: Aliens: “Take us to your leader.”Me: “I would wait.”— Jesse Lifson (@DoYouEvenLif) September 12, 2020 Turned out to be pretty good advice.

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Saturday Stories: Antarctically Cold Vaccines, Cancelling Thanksgiving, And How Vermont Succeeded

Posted November 21, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Selinia Simmons-Duffin, in NPR Shots, on why Pfizer’s vaccine needs to be kept at temperatures lower than an Antarctic winter.James Hamblin, in The Atlantic, on honouring the meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday by cancelling it this year.Julia Belluz,…

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Funny stuff

Posted November 16, 2020 by Anonymous

You know how when you’re going through an intersection and someone runs the red but luckily they just click your bumper on the way past, and you are shaken but OK and you just drive on?
That’s how I feel about Trump’s defeat.
America has avoided fascism by the merest click.

— Cathie from Canada 🇨🇦 😷🏳️‍🌈 (@CathieCanada) November 8, 2020

Everyone needs to chill out please. They still have to count all of Hunter Biden’s laptops, Greenland, the lost city of Antifa and the hidden suburbs behind the revolving ObamaGate.

— Jesse Lifson (@DoYouEvenLif) November 13, 2020

Johnny Cash spent decades trying to warn us about this.

— Steve Reilly (@BySteveReilly) November 11, 2020

From the ‘Crap wildlife photography’ group on Facebook #womensart

— #WOMENSART (@womensart1) November 11, 2020

When you see your ex and try to play it cool.

📹: Imgur user anlyin

— Paul Bronks (@SlenderSherbet) November 15, 2020

Ever since the owners got this trampoline, the dog spends more time on it than the kids

— ༺❆ᗙ Martin 🏳️‍🌈 ᗛ❆༻ Party time🍷 (@KlatuBaradaNiko) November 10, 2020

Obstacle course skills…

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) November 9, 2020

This good boy thinks the guys throwing darts on the TV are playing fetch with him…

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) November 15, 2020

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Can You Go to Canada if You Have a DUI?

Posted November 16, 2020 by Ben

Many Americans are surprised to learn that entering Canada with a DUI can be extremely difficult. This is because a DUI is a felony north of the border, and can consequently result in a visitor being considered “criminally inadmissible” and denied entry at the Canadian border. In December 2018, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government of […]

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Saturday Stories: We Know How To Control The Virus, There Is No Casedemic, And There Won’t Be Natural Herd Immunity

Posted November 14, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Tomas Pueyo, in Medium, explains what could be done by countries like Canada and the US to control the virus if they actually wanted to do so as evidenced by the successes of Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Austra…

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Oh happy day

Posted November 8, 2020 by Anonymous


— Brittlestar (@brittlestar) November 7, 2020


— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) November 7, 2020

You may want to mute this account for a while because I feel I may have to individually insult every member of the outgoing administration in crude and personal ways

— Hari Kunzru (@harikunzru) November 7, 2020

I drew this thinking of Georgia and Arizona. #Election2020 #TrumpIsLosing #TrumpMeltdown

— Michael de Adder (@deAdder) November 7, 2020

People were ecstatic when Obama won too, but the energy was really different. That was like we were all on the cusp of a bright new future. This is more like we just beat the Nazis.

— Jan in the Pan (@mswhatsit) November 8, 2020

No joke: I’m in rural Mexico and cheers just erupted throughout the town

— Justin C. Cohen (@juscohen) November 7, 2020

From church bells in Paris to fireworks in London, Europe & beyond, America’s allies across the world are celebrating Donald Trump’s defeat and the election of President Biden and VP Harris! ❤️🎉🍾

— Minh Ngo (@minhtngo) November 7, 2020

And finally, this:

Reminder: Hillary Clinton gets to cast one of the electoral votes that throws him out of office. 🙃

— Dennis Mersereau (@wxdam) November 7, 2020

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Saturday Stories: Complacency’s Price, and Minks

Posted November 7, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Andre Picard, in The Globe and Mail, on the price we’re paying for complacency with COVID.Helen Branswell, in STAT, with some reassurance on Danish COVID minks. Yes minks.
       Related StoriesSaturday Stories: The E…

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Saturday Stories: The Election, The World Series, And The Expectations

Posted October 31, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Ed Yong, in The Atlantic, predicts what the future of COVID in America will look like following a Biden or a Trump election win.Jeff Passan, in ESPN, discusses how this year’s World Series was a metaphor for 2020 America.Helen Branswell, in STAT, on h…

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Saturday Stories: Respecting Uncertainty, Rapid Home Testing, And Herd Immunity

Posted October 24, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

George Davey Smith, Michael Blastland, and Marcus Munafò, in the BMJ, on how when it comes to COVID, certainty is a red flag.Amy McDermott, in PNAS, on how it’ll likely be rapid home COVID testing that brings back some sense of normalcy – it can’t com…

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RDs! We’re Hiring! Looking To Fill A Full-Time Permanent Position With My New Venture Constant Health (Telecommuters Welcome!)

Posted October 22, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Since 2004, Constant Health’s expert team has been at the forefront behavioural weight management, and now, by leveraging the best that technology has to offer, the goal is to share that expertise while eliminating geographic boundaries. Our headquart…

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Of course its a matter of confidence

Posted October 20, 2020 by Anonymous

Promoting the conceit that setting up a “corruption committee” to harass the Trudeau government isn’t really an issue of confidence in the government is just silly. Of course it is. The Tories had initially billed the committee as one focused on “…

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Saturday Stories: The Scamedemic, The “Great” Barrington Declaration, Sweden, And The John Snow Memorandum

Posted October 17, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Tony Scott, in SFGate, on how he used to call it the ‘scamedemic’. He doesn’t anymore. Marc Lipsitch, Gregg Gonsalves, Carlos del Rio, and Rochelle P. Walensky, in The Washington Post, on the why the so-called Great Barrington Declaration i…

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Posted October 13, 2020 by Anonymous

This is the best public health messaging I’ve seen all year. #Covid19— Gerald Butts 🇨🇦 😷🖐🧼🤚 (@gmbutts) October 9, 2020 Well, as a matter of fact I DO know what to do with a pencil and a cassette tape. But we survived our…

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Saturday Stories: Vitamin D, The New England Journal of Medicine, Toxic Masculinity, And Super-Spreading

Posted October 10, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Gid M-K, in Medium, tells us what we do and don’t know about Vitamin D and COVIDThe Editors of and in The New England Journal of Medicine, on with paragraphs of fire regarding the coming American election.Ed Yong, in The Atlantic, on how toxic masculi…

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just look on the sunny side of life

Posted October 5, 2020 by Anonymous

You have to be creative to stay in business during a pandemic.— You Had One Job! (@_youhadonejob1) October 5, 2020 Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has recently been forced to remove five African grey parrots from the main p…

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Saturday Stories: Vaccine Chaos And What Did You Expect?

Posted October 3, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Sarah Zhang, in The Atlantic, on why vaccine chaos may be loomingDavid Frum, also in The Atlantic, asks, what did you expect?
       Related StoriesSaturday Stories: Vaccine Collaboration, Racism and COVID Coverage, a…

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Saturday Stories: Vaccine Collaboration, Racism and COVID Coverage, and Nonsensical Athletes

Posted September 26, 2020 by Yoni Freedhoff

Julia Belluz, in Vox, on the 156 countries teaming up on a COVID vaccine (without the US and China).Indi Samarajiva, in Medium, on the overwhelming racism of COVID media coverage.Karim Abdul-Jabbar, in the Los Angeles Times, on athletes, COVID, and no…

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An Outstanding UN Speech from Trudeau

Posted September 26, 2020 by Anonymous

Trudeau addressed the United Nations today and his speech was simply outstanding: Other people have posted, but ICYMI10 minutes worth watching. Headline Politics: PM Trudeau Addresses UN General Assembly – September 25, 2020 | CPAC…

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Farewell to the United States

Posted September 19, 2020 by Anonymous

Its difficult to realize that a governmental system that seemed to be so strong and healthy is actually so weak and brittle that the election of one man and the death of one woman could destroy it.  But that’s the way I feel right now about t…

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Voting for delusion

Posted September 12, 2020 by Anonymous


As I read this short piece at No More Mister Nice Guy, I felt increasingly horrified: 

It’s often said that Trump’s approach to everything is “transactional.” I think Trump’s approach to reality is transactional. The truth is the truth when it serves his purposes. In those moments, Trump believes in reality. But in other moments, not only does he walk out to a podium and contradict reality, he does so without necessarily believing that he’s lying. As I’ve said in the past, Trump doesn’t believe in truth. There are (as we see them) facts, lies, and true and false interpretations of reality, but to Trump they’re all equally valid. He’ll use any of them to shape reality, and he’ll believe whatever he’s saying at the time, even if it contradicts what he said six hours ago. In part this is because, as Yastreblyansky says, he believes in the Power of Positive Thinking and therefore thinks confidence can shape reality. In part it’s because it’s important to him to be his audience’s daddy, someone who dominates us the way his father dominated him.

This is the man that millions of Americans voted for. And will vote for again. 

I’m reading more stories now about Americans who don’t believe COVID is actually real – they think its all a Democratic plot, and that millions of Americans are just getting the flu, and hundreds of thousands are dying of something they already had like heart disease. 
I don’t know what they think people are getting sick from in other countries around the world, but probably they aren’t even aware that other countries actually exist.
And I’m reading stories now about how people in small towns in Oregon and Washington and California think that Antifa, not campers or lightning, is the cause of the fires that are destroying their homes.

I hear from friends in Oregon that, per local media, some claims ‘antifa is starting forest fires’ have been traced to magabros hearing ‘blm’ on radio scanners and not realizing it means Bureau of Land Management

— David Burbach (@dburbach) September 11, 2020

Its absolutely crazy.

Anyone else make this mistake recently? 😳#climatechange #wildfires #apocalypse2020 #motordumb #yycbike

— REWORKS (@ReWorksYYC) September 12, 2020

Apparently AP style now says you can use “less” even when “fewer” is correct and so 2020 continues to plumb new depths.

— Jonathan Gitlin (@drgitlin) September 11, 2020

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Posted September 7, 2020 by Anonymous

Yes, I know in the overall scheme of things, the sinking of some of the boats in Trump’s boating parade this weekend is pretty trivial. 

But there’s nothing like trivial to make Twitter come alive. 
The hashtag of the event is #Dumkirk:

Over the weekend, five boats sank at an event put on by Trump supporters near Austin, Texas. The traffic created choppy waters that submerged several boats.

— NPR (@NPR) September 7, 2020

This is the worst defeat the Confederacy has suffered in 155 years.

— Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer) September 6, 2020

— Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) September 7, 2020

“Cascading failure through unintended consequences is a perfect metaphor for the Trump presidency.”

— Jacqueline Keeler (@jfkeeler) September 6, 2020

Boater fraud?

— Tea Pain (@TeaPainUSA) September 6, 2020

The new Trump ad needs work.#Dumkirk #TrumpBoatParade #BoatersForTrump #LakeTravis #BoatParade #sink #Texas #MAGA #laketravisboatparade #MAGAts

— John Óg (@johnogpdx) September 6, 2020




— CeCeResistance (@gumboqueen3030) September 6, 2020

I have never loved a picture more.

— Lauren Hough (@laurenthehough) September 7, 2020

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UK Climate Diplomacy Staff Cut Again as Post-Brexit Links to Trump and US Deniers Strengthen

Posted November 24, 2016 by Anonymous

Read time: 3 minsWith Donald Trump set to become the President of the United States, the international climate change political scenery has shifted.

The president-elect’s stance on “quitting” the Paris Agreement seems to have softened in recent day…

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