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Fattoush Salad

Posted April 27, 2016 by Julie

The first of the locally-grown greenhouse tomatoes and cukes and romaine are here! We’ve even eaten our first asparagus stalks. In April! So crazy, this year. I know you probably don’t need a recipe for a salad, but you might like the idea of it – fattoush is a Mediterranean toasted pita salad that’s easy to assemble and makes the most of spring greens and those first pops of mint in the garden. Romaine is typical, as is cucumber, tomatoes and purple onion. I like making mine with ribbons of cucumber – simply use a peeler to cut it into thin ribbons – and fresh cilantro. And instead of the usual croutons, you bash up toasted pitas into the mix, adding a satisfying, toasty crunch. To streamline the process, bottled balsamic vinaigrette works just fine – then again, it only takes a few minutes to shake your own up in a jar. And of course because it’s a salad, quantities are approximate – feel freeContinue reading

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Beer-battered Onion Rings

Posted April 25, 2016 by Julie

I am a fan of the onion ring. Done well, they’re glorious things, crisp and golden, with a sweet onion that hopefully doesn’t slither out when you bite into it. I rarely order them, unless I know they’re going to be good – it’s a high fat investment for something sub-par. And I rarely make them at home, but once in awhile I do – when there are people around to share, and I have a few nice, sweet onions that I don’t want to smother in the bottom of a soup or stew. They’re simple to make, and you only need about an inch of oil in the bottom of a small pot – there’s no need to heat vats of oil or invest in a deep fryer. They’re cheap – and look what you get. Just-fried and paper towelled, showered with salt and brought straight to the table – with a quickly stirred together aioli of lemon juice, mayo and mustard – willContinue reading

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Allan's Perspective

You are what you eat!

Posted March 15, 2015 by Allan W Janssen

Coffee, first it was good for ya, then it was bad for ya, and now it’s good for ya again! Seems that’s not the only thing professionals have been lying to us about according to Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail! ————————————- Bacon and eggs for breakfast is a guilty pleasure in our household. […]

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