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To Get Hebdo Cartoons You Must Get Laïcité

Posted January 26, 2015 by Anonymous

Laïcité is not equivalent to the American notion of “secularism.”

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Attention Boston White People: #BlackLivesMatter

Posted January 21, 2015 by Anonymous

With the timing of MLK weekend and the recent protests in Boston, Selma struck a particular chord with the city, and with me. I wondered if I would be willing to give my life for this struggle. It’s a massive privilege to be able to think about this academically. But I like to think if it was asked of me, I could.

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Imagine, Re-Imagine the Strawberries

Posted December 22, 2014 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

i’m imagining it again tonight the mosaic tiles in strawberry fields in my ether in the intersection of idealist moonbeams and #BlackLivesMatter marchers swirling under the Manhatten hum [or is it a pulse?] feeling the tranquility of the mosaic despite being just steps from the Dakota. i didn’t know then but they wrote strawberry fields […]

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These Photos Show It’s Not About Breastfeeding, It’s About Racism

Posted November 7, 2014 by Anonymous

Written by Septembre Anderson This week, Australian mother and university grad Jacci Sharkey skyrocketed to Internet fame when a picture of her breastfeeding her 11-month-old son went viral. The mother of two, who graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Human […]

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Allan's Perspective

This is either racist and sexist ….., or it’s not!

Posted October 27, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Olivia Chow is running a strong LAST amongst the tree major contenders for the job of Mayor of Toronto today…………, and she’s NOT happy! What has made her even more disgruntled is a political cartoon published by the Toronto Sun over the weekend. They poked fun at poor Olivia in a way that is either […]

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