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Civil Rights

Civil Rights Pioneer Minnijean Brown Trickey to Share Her Story in Vancouver

Posted February 19, 2015 by Anonymous

The West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund (West Coast LEAF)’s annual Equality Breakfast is coming up on Tuesday, March 3 in Vancouver. It’s an event I look forward to every year, because West Coast LEAF always manages to line up an amazing speaker and other great entertainment (last year featured a tap dance portrayal […]

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Looking for Heroes?

Posted February 19, 2015 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

I’ve been watching The Book of Negroes this week. I have no words. I only recognize justice, integrity, brutality, acknowledgement, witnessing, story telling and a myriad of other foggy responses. It’s easy to also ponder qualities of heroes. Then I read this from earlier this week, and nodded. Do you get it? Anishinabe Women Protest … Continue reading Looking for Heroes?

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The death of Sun News makes this Arab-Canadian happy

Posted February 16, 2015 by JR

Omar Mouallem is an Edmonton-based writer, Metro News columnist and editor of The Yards:

Thankfully … as of this morning, the most trusted name in bigotry is gone. Sun News Network has shut down.

… It was a network that promoted racism—against Arabs, against Romani people, against First Nations …
[Nonsense.  Ezra expressed his sincere regrets for his comments about the Romani, but Sun’s coverage of First Nations focused on issues of systemic dysfunction and corruption among the Indian leadership, the systemically racist regime perpetuated by the Indian Act as well as highlighting competent, successful reserves like Osoyoos. And, Sun’s coverage of “Arabs” wasn’t about Arabs it was about radical Islam, its reign of misogyny, homophobia and terror; and it was about execrable Western lib/left apologists covering for it.]

… young reporters launched their careers by contributing to a hate-machine that perpetuated prejudice, especially against Muslims … 
[“hate-machine”? Not so much. Sun was a TRUTH machine. But then the truth doesn’t cut much ice, even with our often ridiculously PoMo Supreme Court: “the use of truthful statements should not provide a shield in the human rights context” .]

If the now unemployed Sun News Network staff, or the congenial media professionals offering their condolences to those who lost their jobs, were brown or Muslim they’d understand just how harmful it is to casually sensationalize stories about Islam … 
[The phony race card, again. And Sun News wasn’t “casual” about its coverage of radical Islam, it was deliberate, forceful and truthful.]

… because this is the overwhelmingly white Canadian media … 
 [Now, speaking of bigotry, that’s just …phobic.]

 It would seem that the real bigot here is Mr. Mouallem.  But never mind, that whiter-than-white, Jewish, lib/leftist, Jonathan Kay, liked the cut of his jib:

.@omar_aok has a point. How is “Islam’s war on the world” less hate-speechy than, say, “Jews: scourge of humanity”? http://t.co/2sICJnJofu
— Jonathan Kay (@jonkay) February 14, 2015

Which brought this obvious suggestion in reply:

Because the latter is a long-perpetuated lie and the former is a suppressed truth?

A gripping tale of a hyper-sensitive “brown” guy and his “white” liberal apologist – both of whom have a disdain for the truth.

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Stephen Harper: Racist AND a Hypocrite!

Posted February 13, 2015 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

I recall once that Stephen Harper believed in championing religious freedom. Except for people he doesn’t like. Now he’s appealing a federal court ruling allowing people to exercise their religious freedom by becoming citizens while not publicly  removing their niqab. But why, you ask? Because Canada is transparent, open, equal and just. And Stephen Harper … Continue reading Stephen Harper: Racist AND a Hypocrite!

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These Photos Show It’s Not About Breastfeeding, It’s About Racism

Posted November 7, 2014 by Anonymous

Written by Septembre Anderson This week, Australian mother and university grad Jacci Sharkey skyrocketed to Internet fame when a picture of her breastfeeding her 11-month-old son went viral. The mother of two, who graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Human […]

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Allan's Perspective

This is either racist and sexist ….., or it’s not!

Posted October 27, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Olivia Chow is running a strong LAST amongst the tree major contenders for the job of Mayor of Toronto today…………, and she’s NOT happy! What has made her even more disgruntled is a political cartoon published by the Toronto Sun over the weekend. They poked fun at poor Olivia in a way that is either […]

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