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Mom’s the Word: Getting a grip on postpartum emotions

Posted April 17, 2014 by Lindsey Ward

The moment our first son entered the world, I became an emotional wreck. It all began, naturally, with tears of joy as the seven-and-a-half-pound parcel found comfort out of the womb by nestling his head into my chest. Then, as […]

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Family Travel on a Budget with Jennifer Coburn, Author of We’ll Always Have Paris {Giveaway}

Posted April 15, 2014 by Anonymous

Last month I had the pleasure and privilege of scoring an early copy of Jennifer Coburn’s new book ‘We’ll Always Have Paris’, and believe me when I say, it did not disappoint! In We’ll Always Have Paris, Jennifer recounts the tales of travelling all over Europe with her young daughter, as well, shares a look back [Read On]

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Kidoodle.TV: Built For Kids, Loved By Parents

Posted April 10, 2014 by Loukia

As a family, we love to travel—a lot. Getting to our destination can be a lot of fun, whether it’s a car ride to Great Wolf Lodge or a plane ride to Florida. However, when you take into account airport delays and tired children, the travelling part can sometimes be tiresome. Thank goodness for iPads, because they can be a lifesaver on trips.

Now that my boys are older, they love watching their favourite shows on their iPads. I’m very glad they no longer watch some of the shows that used to annoy me, like Caillou, but with full access to the internet, sometimes I worry about what they are viewing. 

They are pros at navigating around their iPads and searching YouTube for Minecraft videos. Sometimes I’ll hear a very bad word and I’ll have to tell them to turn it off. I wish iPads came with parental controls!

Thankfully I discovered Kidoodle.TV—an online streaming video service for children 12 and under. Thanks to Mom Central Canada, I was offered a free two-month subscription to Kidoodle.TV and my kids put it to the test.

Some great features of Kidoodle.TV: 

  • It’s mobile, safe, and comes with parental controls and time limits. Pretty genius, right?
  • You can customize profiles for up to five children.
  • Kidoodle.TV is strictly focused on the children—no commercials, no bad words, and no adult content you have to feel uncomfortable about. 
  • You can choose content based on your child’s age or just by the shows they like to watch.
  • You can set time limits, too, through the secure Parent’s Room.
  • Kidoodle.TV can be watched when you’re on the go or travelling, as long as you have internet access.
  • Did I mention Kidoodle.TV has awesome retro content, including Jem and the Holograms and Inspector Gadget, two of my favourite shows from my past?
Would you like to try Kidoodle.TV yourself to see if it would be a good fit for your children? My friends at Mom Central Canada have a discount code just for you—you’ll receive 25% off for a one year subscription to Kidoodle.TV. Just enter this custom discount code when prompted: MCC25. (This coupon expires June 30, 2014.)
Our children love their iPads, and I love that with Kidoodle.TV I don’t have to worry about them watching stuff that might not be completely appropriate for them. 
I’m also a fan of the educational shows, like National Geographic—my children love shows about nature and animals. Other favourite shows they love on Kidoodle.TV? Super Mario Bros., and Transformers—talk about a blast from my past!
Make sure to also head over to Kidoodle’s Facebook page to enter to win one of three iPad Minis. It’s super easy to enter, and iPads are essential when you’re traveling with kids! 

    Disclosure: I am part of the Kidoodle.TV blogger program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. 
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    Barbara Kay: After a divorce, equal parenting rights should be the norm

    The bill is animated by the basic principle that adults are leaving each other, not their children

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    ADHD Sucks: But It’s Not What You’re Thinking…

    Posted March 14, 2014 by Zoë Kessler, BA, B.Ed.

    Insomnia Cured Here via Compfight They said it could never happen. He was still an eccentric dresser. A night hawk. At first, nobody noticed a difference. “I told you so,” said Marg. He couldn’t deny it. Recalled it vividly, in fact. He’d held her in his arms, her long, athletic body in blue satin, neck […]

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    How to Spot the Parents of a Newborn

    Posted February 26, 2014 by Devan McGuinness

    I almost forgot what life was like when you have a newborn at home. It’s kind of isolating, a whole lot loud and a little confusing as you balance the frustrations of no sleep and a profound love for this new little life. I have been living this crazy newborn life for seven weeks now […]

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    My Answer to “How Do You Know You’re Done Having Kids?”

    Posted December 9, 2013 by Devan McGuinness

    It’s a question many couples and parents ponder over — one that I’ve been openly seeking the answer to for some time. Knowing when you’re done adding children to your family is such a hard thing to answer because really, how do you know? It’s not like there’s some cap which is enforced on us […]

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    Best Crib Alternatives on the Market

    Posted November 9, 2013 by Devan McGuinness

    I have been busy over the past few months getting the house ready for a new baby. I’ve been doing deep cleaning and organizing, and making sure the kids’ rooms are updated so they don’t feel left out and purchasing all those must-have items for our new bundle of joy, like a baby carrier and […]

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    Chaos Parenting Hack #1: When Juice is a Hot Commodity

    Posted October 30, 2013 by Devan McGuinness

    Juice is a hot commodity in our house. We don’t drink it too often so the kids tend to sip on water or milk during the day with the very rare, occasional root beer cup when we eat tacos or nachos for a Friday special dinner (you can’t eat either without root beer!). Juice is […]

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    Getting Ready for Back-to-school: First Haircuts!

    Posted August 28, 2013 by Devan McGuinness

    The countdown is on for me and it’s started for many of you already  – back-to-school time! This year I am a little more nervous about the start of a new routine because it’s the first year all three of my kids will be going. Both Speed and Raru are going every day, entering into […]

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    Mom’s First Day of School Plans

    Posted August 19, 2013 by Devan McGuinness

    In case you missed them: 10 Smart Ways to Get Over Your Ex| Babble Love + Relationships 12 Things You Should Never Say During a Fight | Babble Love + Relationships The Results of Our 20 Week Scan Shows Not All Is Perfect | Babble Pregnant 12 Dogs Enjoying the Summer Heat | Babble Pets 8 Pregnancy Products Totally Worth Your Money | […]

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