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How our immigration system went wrong

Posted February 8, 2014 by JR

George Jonas:

… The assumption, unspoken but taken for granted until the 1960s, was that immigration was beneficial as long as it was designed to serve the interests of the host society first

… It was in the past 40 years that the immigrant of dubious loyalty emerged, followed by the disloyal native-born, sometimes of immigrant ancestry, sometimes of Islamic conversion. The new immigrant seemed ready to share the West’s wealth but not its values.

… How did this come about? Three reasons stand out.

One, we retreated from the principle that immigration should serve the interests of the host country first.  …

Next, we tried to turn this liability into an asset by promoting multiculturalism….

Finally, in fundamentalist Islam, we’ve come up against a culture for which the very concept of rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s is alien.  …

…. When Canada is no longer regarded as a culture, with its own traditions and narratives, but a clean slate for anyone to write on what he will, immigrants of the new school will be ready with their own texts, including some that aren’t very pleasant

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