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Canada Israel shouldn’t be a political football or litmus test

Posted August 31, 2015 by Anonymous

Despite public and private appeals to call off the event, the Jewish Defence League (JDL) went ahead with its unfortunate decision to picket a Liberal fundraiser at the Toronto home of pharmaceutical magnate and Jewish philanthropist Barry Sherman. Before the Aug. 26 protest, Sherman was viciously attacked on social media, with trolls questioning his motives […]

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The Cat at the Wall

Posted January 3, 2015 by Perogyo

The Cat at the WallWritten by: Deborah EllisPublished by: Groundwood BooksPublished on: August 11, 2014Ages: 10+Clare is a regular girl at a regular school in Pennsylvania, but with a mean streak. Clare is also a cat in the West Bank of the Middle East…

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