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Ghomeshi taking time away from CBC’s Q to deal with ‘personal issues’

Posted October 25, 2014 by The Canadian Press

TORONTO – Q radio host Jian Ghomeshi says he is taking some “much needed personal time” away from the CBC. “Thanks for all the well wishes, you guys,” he tweeted Friday after a spokesman from CBC confirmed the leave to […]

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The Canadian Progressive: Ottawa Shootings: CNN fear-mongering an insult to Canadians

Posted October 24, 2014 by Obert Madondo

Reporting on Wednesday’s Ottawa shootings, CNN and other global media outlets resorted to needless sensationalism, propagandist fear-mongering and self-serving interpretations of terrorism.

The post Ottawa Shootings: CNN fear-mongering an insult to Canadians appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

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The CBC Respects Dignity Better than Corporate Media

Posted October 24, 2014 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

Corporate media, being owned by corporations, needs to maximize shareholder wealth. That means news is a loss leader. News is about generating sensationalism, excitement or hysteria. News is about generating ratings to charge more for advertising to maximize shareholder wealth. Thus, when the CBC characteristically doesn’t sensationalize something, it’s noted around the world. CBC is […]

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Climate Change Science Deniers, Ignorance and Media’s False Balance

Posted October 22, 2014 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

Climate change deniers are science deniers. That makes them either stupid, or so incredibly biased/conflicted that they are willing to ignore science and dodge accusations of their own stupidity to accomplish some other goal. In BC we are producing oil, gas and coal and stunningly stupid rates, only to go up in the future. Our […]

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Join Ricochet: A new take on independent media.

Posted October 21, 2014 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

Have you joined yet? No? So, you’re good with corporate media spinning things for you, against your personal, community, national and ecological interests? Oh. Ok. :) Ricochet is an audacious response to a difficult context. Independent and in the public interest, Ricochet will provide a space dedicated to investigative journalism and high-profile opinion. Published in […]

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Allan's Perspective

Saturday Morning Confusion About Censorship!

Posted October 18, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Dear Readers: As you know, your often maligned reporter goes on rants and raves about stuff that seems grossly unfair, unjust, or just plain ridiculous. I have campaigned against the far left, far right, feminists, (especially the femi-nazi’s) special interest groups, animals lovers and vegetarians, bigots, racists, survivalists, cops, minorities, immigrants, liberals and conservatives, lobbyists, […]

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How @Dicks Sporting Goods Can Advance Feminism, So Easily

Posted October 10, 2014 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

Dick’s Sporting Goods, in the all-too testosterone world of sports, released a catalogue with virtually no women in it. Except for cheerleaders and a girl watching men play sports. A 12-year-old calls them out on this because even 12-year-olds get equality. Dick’s sent a FOAD brush off letter back [see below]. Here’s what Dick’s ought […]

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Let us pray for Sun News Network

Posted October 7, 2014 by JR

On the news that Post Media has gobbled up Quebecor’s English language Sun newspapers, Chris Selley wrote one of his typically snotty, derisive pieces on Ezra Levant and Sun News Network.

Chris Selley suffers from Levant Derangement Syndrome (LDS).  He writes as if all he has watched of Ezra’s prime-time show is his most recent hilarious “outrage” (eg. bringing up the foppish Liberal leader’s parentage).  It’s not that exposing Trudeau’s supreme unfitness for Canada’s top job isn’t important work but Selley has, apparently, missed the other 99.9% of Ezra’s excellent work including but not limited to:

Freedom (free speech, free enterprise, democracy and the rule of law)
Lib/left media (the Media Party) group think
the global warming debate
anti-oil fanaticism
foreign funding of Canadian radicals
“Occupy”, “Idle No More”,  and other radical leftist “movements”
Islamicism and the war on terror
anti-Christian bigotry on the lib/left
China, Russia, 
Putin, Ukraine …

For a full hour show, five days a week, he covers this wide range of topics (often personally, on the street and in the field) with great wit and intelligence, interviewing knowledgeable, expert guests with skill, aplomb and respect.  Selley and his LDS aside, let  us hope and pray that Sun News with Levant, Lilley, Coren and many others continues and never, ever, falls under the management of a Media Party conglomerate.

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World Press Photo 2014

Posted October 1, 2014 by James Hamilton

Some powerful and heart breaking photos are in the annual press photography contest displayed in Brookfield Place at 181 Bay Street in Toronto. The traveling photo exhibit is free to visit and will be in Allen Lambert Galleria from September 30 to Octo…

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We are all Luka Magnotta

Posted September 29, 2014 by Ted Bird

   The only thing more disturbing than the back story to the Luka Magnotta murder trial is the public obsession with the case.   The lineup started at 6am today for the few available seats in the tiny Montreal courtroom where procee…

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Allan's Perspective

Summers here, and the livin’ is easy!

Posted July 1, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Port Stanley, on Lake Erie, is a favourite summer spot for thousands, and has a beach that is swarming with people on a warm, sunny day. But! Not all those people are happy campers kids. The OPP did something to piss of somebody, because at 3 a.m. last night somebody stole their boat and torched […]

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My Photo in Spanish National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Posted March 20, 2014 by Darren

Through some fluke of circumstance, one of my photos is in the Spanish edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine.

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Why don’t we care where image macros and GIFs come from?

Posted January 6, 2014 by Darren

Animated GIFs and image macros are more popular than ever. And yet we almost never know who created these ubiquitous images.

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