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Reader’s Diary #1158- Jo Lennan: How is Your Great Life?

Posted May 25, 2015 by John Mutford

 Jo Lennan’s “How is your great life?” asks the title question ironically. Not that the lives of Ana and Arjun are the worst lives ever, in fact Arjun’s has some appearance of improving, but there’s a pervasive unhappiness throughout this go-nowhe…

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Seventh-Day Adventists & Gay ‘Cures'; Legal Victory for Kenyan LGBTs; Political, Religious Leaders Spar on LGBT Issues in UK; Global LGBT Recap

Posted May 2, 2015 by Peter Montgomery

In the U.S. this week, the Supreme Court heard cases asking whether the Constitution requires states to permit or recognize marriage for same-sex couples;…

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Reader’s Diary #1143- Osamu Tezuka: Buddha, Vol. 1/ Kapilavastu

Posted April 17, 2015 by John Mutford

Back when I first started exploring manga, about 5 years ago, I often brought up Astroboy. The landmark 80s cartoon was my first experience with anime or manga and while most boys around me at the time talked about it like it was the best thing on TV (…

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