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Walking the Saints Way in Cornwall

Posted September 18, 2014 by Darren

The Saints Way is a 41 km trail that stretches across Cornwall’s peninsula, crossing pastures and following ancient lane ways in the footprints of Celtic saints.

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Pukaskwa Coastal Hike – Prep and Planning

Posted September 18, 2014 by Anonymous

Preparing for the Pukaskwa Coastal Hike on the north shore of Lake Superior can be daunting. Situated on the wildest shore of all the great lakes, this is one of the most remote hikes in all of Canada.  And it is known as the toughest hike in Ontario. Unlike many of our treks around the world, the Pukaskwa demanded that we carry enough gear and food to take us through the seven day hike on our backs. We’ve never been quite [...]

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Exploring those famous (or infamous?) ruins in Gatineau Park

Posted September 8, 2014 by andrea tomkins

The first time, and last time, I visited the ruins of the old mill in Gatineau Park was sometime in the mid-90s. Back then it was still mostly a secret, and not a place that families would necessarily venture out and explore. I’m happy to report that this area has become a lot more mainstream and […]

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