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Join Fredericton Green Candidate Mary Lou Babineau In Signing the Medicare for Autism Now! Petition

Posted September 22, 2015 by H L Doherty


Statement on Medicare for Autism now!

While it is true that the tremendous advancements in medicine and technology have granted us longer lives, there are still distressing developments: for instance, the increasing number of illnesses and syndromes appearing and affecting our children. The rates of attention deficit disorder, autism and others are on the rise.
The Canada Health Act has five general principles – public administration, comprehensiveness, universality, portability, and accessibility, but the federal government has not been applying them to support greater national consistency and equal quality of services from coast to coast. In addition, the federal government has failed to develop a national strategy to address such challenges as autism and dementia.
I recognize that it is vital to ensure that the federal government provides funding as necessary and I also think that this funding needs to be accompanied by strong federal government leadership. I pledge to follow through on our commitment to a science-based national Mental Health Strategy and this is something I will advocate for in the amendment process for a new and improved Canada Health Act. 
Mary Lou Babineau
Green Party Candidate for Fredericton
Join Mary Lou Babineau in signing the Medicare for Autism Now! petition 
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The Environment Is Of Vital Importance – Next Time Include Elizabeth May

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This blog is focused on autism disorders, very closely related conditions including intellectual disability and epilepsy.  It is about my son and the joy he brings me each day despite his serious disorders and challenges.  Occasionally it is …

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Fredericton Green Mary Lou Babineau: A Resounding YES!!! to Including Science Based ABA/IBI Autism Treatment Under Medicare

Posted September 16, 2015 by H L Doherty

“Dear Harold,It was wonderful to speak with you, too! This is an issue that is so critical to me and to my family.Please post my response as a resounding YES!!!Hope to see you again soon,Mary Lou”The One in 68 campaign of Medicare for Autism Now! is we…

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