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This Should Give You Something to Chew On

Posted October 17, 2014 by The Mound of Sound

Remember that global warming target of keeping temperature increases within 2 degrees Celsius by 2100?  2C, you may recall, is supposed to be the point within which we might – just might – avoid catastrophic, i.e. runaway, global warming.  2C, it’s thought (perhaps wishfully) will give us a better than even chance of keeping this party going.

Did I mention Barrow, Alaska?  Barrow is here, in the red circle:

You probably noticed that Barrow is near the northernmost point in Alaska, well within the Arctic Circle. It’s actually because of how far north Barrow is situated that it has already logged 7 degrees Celsius (not Fahrenheit, real degrees – Celsius) of warming.

In the last 34 years, the average October temperature in Barrow has risen by more than 7°C − an increase that, on its own, makes a mockery of international efforts to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2°C above their pre-industrial levels.

A study by scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks analysed several decades of weather information. These show that temperature trends are closely linked to sea ice concentrations, which have been recorded since 1979, when accurate satellite measurements began.

The study, published in the Open Atmospheric Science Journal, traces what has happened to average annual and monthly temperatures in Barrow from 1979 to 2012.

In that period, the average annual temperature rose by 2.7C. But the November increase was far higher − more than six degrees. And October was the most striking of all, with the month’s average temperature 7.2C higher in 2012 than in 1979.

That’s 7 degrees Celsius, 12.6 degrees Fahrenheit, of warming over the incredibly brief span of just 34-years. 

The sad thing is this is going to be music to the ears of the “Drill Baby, Drill” crowd.  Sarah Palin & Co., indeed our own Beelzebub, are going to see this as God’s delivery to man of all that bountiful Arctic oil and gas wealth.  And what the Lord has given, they will not let languish untouched.

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Malfeasance in the “climate change” industry

Posted October 12, 2014 by JR

Dr. Tim Ball makes the case for malfeasance (vs. error/incompetence) in climate science:How many scientific mistakes separate incompetence from malfeasance? After watching the corruption of climate science for over 30 years, I believe we crossed the …

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Playing with fire – major Canadian banks back environmental extremists.

Posted October 10, 2014 by JR

Peter Foster: Look who’s demonizing Canadian oil

 Next month, in Montreal, an organization called the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, CYCC , is set to hold a “convergence” on pressuring institutions such as pension funds and university endowments to ditch their shares in Canadian oil and gas companies.

the CYCC isn’t some Quixotic group of young idealists. Its divestment thrust is the offshoot of an international campaign — backed by big U.S. foundations … part of the same movement that recently saw the Rockefeller Brothers Fund declare its intention to sell its fossil fuel interests.

Bizarrely, one of the most prominent Canadian agitators is Thomas Van Dyck, a senior executive in the Wealth Management division of the Royal Bank of Canada. CYCC has also been supported by TD Bank.

Divest/Invest was inspired by American Bill McKibben, founder of, which CYCC acknowledges as its partner in the “Fossil Free Canada” initiative. 

… In January of this year, Ellen Dorsey, executive director of the Washington-based Wallace Global Fund – a major backer of radical environmental groups — launched Divest-Invest Philanthropy …

I put in a call to RBC asking how one of their senior employees could so vigorously attack their clients. In an email, the bank responded that “Tom’s stated views are his own,”

Look, I know that these greedy weasel banks are playing both ends against the middle to make a buck but they are playing with a fire that could get out of control and seriously damage the entire economy.  Then where would their profits be?  And our standard of living? 

RBC’s email response to Foster ( “Tom’s [Van Dyck's] stated views are his own”) was disingenuous to say the least.  In Moyers’ interview with radical “divest leaders” Van Dyck and Dorsey Van Dyck is identified explicitly as a Senior VP with RBC wealth management and RBC’s own web page touts his environmental activism and his eco-extremist connections:

“Van Dyck is the founder of As You Sow*, a shareholder advocacy foundation, and is active with environmental groups, including Rainforest Action Network, Baykeeper, Bioneers and Earth Rights International.”

RBC is fully aware of Van Dyck’s extreme views, connections and objectives which include the destruction of the fossil fuel industry.  It is easy to conclude that RBC is more than proud to have him on “the team”.  And by employing Van Dyck in a senior wealth management role RBC has put him in a strong position to promote and advance his radical, economy destroying agenda.  RBC has implicitly endorsed that agenda.

If I were a major oil industry client of RBC I would be calling for Van Dyck’s  head to roll, and failing that divesting myself of any business relationship with RBC.

FYC, Bill Moyers’ interview with Thomas Van Dyck and Ellen Dorsey:

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Naomi Klein’s logic “suffers from a rootless dislocation from history, philosophy and science”

Posted October 3, 2014 by JR

Terence Corcoran reviews Naomi Klein’s new climate-revolution/kill-capitalism manifesto:

Parts … make for damn good reading. … [b]ut the good bits are not enough to salvage This Changes Everything, a 560-page call-to-arms in which Ms. Klein proposes to overthrow four centuries of Enlightenment-driven human achievement.

A major Klein target is Richard Branson, the media-darling head of Virgin Group …

Other green billionaries skewered are Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and T. Boone Pickens, each of whom has a history of cozying up to the climate issue while their feet remained firmly planted in the fossil fuel world.

… her best putdowns are directed at the “pro-business environmentalists,” a Who’s Who of green activists who parade through a chapter sub-titled “The Disastrous Merger of Big Business and Big Green.”

The book’s real objective is to blame the looming climate threat on the greatest intellectual, philosophical, scientific and economic transformation in history.

The logic behind the climate mass revolt advocated by Ms. Klein suffers from a rootless dislocation from history, philosophy and science. It may also be totally dislocated from the world’s human beings, who remain, after many millennia, ever keen to improve their lives on Earth through continued and increasing dominance of nature.

 Klein’s advocacy of radical bottom-up popular revolution against governments and corporations, free markets and capitalism is a recipe for the collapse of the system that made possible unprecedented human advances. Along with that collapse would surely come political and economic chaos and the death, by starvation and war, of billions. Klein, like most of the radical eco-left, is a foolish, dangerous demagogue.

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Google – sanctimonious, hypocritical, rent-seeking BIRD KILLER

Posted September 30, 2014 by JR

In the Wall Street Journal, headlined Google Kills Birds:

Our headline has the virtue of being true—as we will explain—unlike Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt‘s assertion this week that people who oppose government subsidies for green energy are liars. The real charlatans are businesses like Google that use climate change as a pretext for corporate welfare.

Google, whose motto is “Don’t Be Evil,” announced on Monday that it is quitting the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) because of the conservative outfit’s putative denial of climate change.  “Everyone understands climate change is occurring,” said Mr. Schmidt. “And the people who oppose it are really hurting our children and our grandchildren and making the world a much worse place. And so we should not be aligned with such people—they’re just, they’re just literally lying.”

In fact, ALEC takes no position on the substance of climate change.  …

 Consider Google’s pledge to fund over $1.5 billion in non fossil-fuel energy. Yet Google derives most of its energy from non-renewables on the grid… It’s no coincidence that Google’s server in Iowa is located near one of the cheapest sources of coal-fired power in the Midwest. 

Also not a coincidence is that nearly all of Google’s solar and wind farms are located in states with renewable-energy mandates, which create opportunities for politically mediated profit-making … 

Google has invested about $600 million in California’s solar plants such as the Ivanpah system in California’s Mojave Desert. … Ivanpah’s “power towers”—which burn natural gas—incinerate about 28,000 birds annually.  …

The $2.2 billion bird fryer was funded with a $1.6 billion federal loan, which Google and its business partners plan to repay by applying for a federal grant. …

… Mr. Schmidt shouldn’t disguise his company’s mercenary motives behind false and trendy appeals to green political virtue.

… etc, etc, etc

Eric Schmidt – holier-than-thou, hypocritical, rent seeking bird killer.  No doubt about it.  It’s what we might expect from any knee-jerk progressive crony capitalist.


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“Climate Science is not Settled” – former Obama science official

Posted September 27, 2014 by JR

Physicist Dr. Steven Koonin, undersecretary for science in the Energy Department during President Barack Obama’s first term, writes in an article in the Wall Street Journal:

We are very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy …

 Dr. Koonin covers all the key issues, what we know and most importantly what we don’t know:

…  the crucial, unsettled scientific question for policy is, “How will the climate change over the next century under both natural and human influences?” Answers to that question at the global and regional levels, as well as to equally complex questions of how ecosystems and human activities will be affected, should inform our choices about energy and infrastructure.

But—here’s the catch—those questions are the hardest ones to answer. They challenge, in a fundamental way, what science can tell us about future climates. …

Koonin’s article should be compulsory reading for all climate policy makers, especially the government ones.

[via FOS

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Wind industry – “one of the most corrupt enterprises on earth”

Posted September 22, 2014 by JR

James Delingpole on an interview with Mexican ecology professor Patricia Mora:… Though Professor Mora is talking specifically about Mexico, what she says applies equally well to supposedly more transparent democracies such as Britain, Australia, th…

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Vancouver’s little “People’s March” against climate change

Posted September 21, 2014 by JR

Purely by accident (I swear) I saw the noisy, Big Green sponsored mob go by on W Georgia St.  Appropriately, it began at the CBC building.

The turnout was small.

Veronica Alice (pictured) expressed an opinion to the Vancouver Sun:
“It’s the system that got us in the mess,” said Alice. “It’s the system that needs to change. …”

A sentiment straight out of the “Occupy” protest.  Mess? What mess?  These highly privileged ingrates protest the system that brought them (and billions more around the world) whatever wealth, freedom and and life expectancy they enjoy.  It is the best it has been in the history of mankind, and getting better.  They should be celebrating that system, not protesting it and advocating its demise.  If these foolish dupes and useful idiots have their way, their (and our) children’s futures will be very, very bleak indeed.

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Allan's Perspective

Saturday Morning Confusion #17

Posted July 19, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Folks, a lot of confusion about stuff like climate change, evolution, and a whole bunch of other scientific issues lately! This article discusses how equal time is not really appropriate for a clearly false or uninformed position! The metaphor that a coin has two sides is a powerful one, and the temptation to look at […]

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Allan's Perspective

Dick Cheney is a real Dick!

Posted June 20, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Folks, I have said many times in the past that Dick Cheney is one person who who actually scares me! I can’t say he is totally evil since I don’t believe in the devil, but there is something fundamentally NASTY about him! And, after the disasters he got the United States into during Bush’s term, […]

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Good news: China’s Fracking to reduce its use of Coal

Posted May 30, 2014 by CuriosityCat
Early China coal mine

When it comes to global warming, coal is the biggest culprit in the warming of the earth.

China is taking giant strides to reduce its need for coal to generate energy by exploiting its vast shale gas reserves:

Although serious obstacles remain, China is finally making progress on tapping its vast shale gas reserves, which hold the promise of a new source of clean energy for the coal smoke-choked country.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, China holds the world’s largest reserves of technically recoverable shale gas in the world, 1,115 trillion cubic feet. That’s about 68 percent more than what the U.S. holds.
But it has thus far been unable to unlock those reserves for a couple of reasons. First, it has taken time for Chinese oil and gas companies to acquire shale drilling expertise. And second, China’s shale is geologically different than what’s found in the U.S., which means China can’t easily use existing technology.
China’s stepped up use of natural gas as an energy source is not to be sneezed at:
By 2017, China is aiming to lift natural gas consumption to 9 percent of total energy demand, up from 5.2 percent in 2013. China has already made some progress on that front, as natural gas only made up 4 percent of energy demand just two years ago … China has long been a voracious consumer of all commodities – except, notably, natural gas – so it could be on the verge of charting a future path that relies very heavily on natural gas.
And of all energy producers, China, the outsourcing manufacturing hub of the developed nations, produces most of its energy from coal, as this diagram shows:

Way to go, China! The future of our civilizations might well depend on your efforts to shift away from coal.
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