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How You Can Get Fit & Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted October 21, 2014 by Sonya

There are many great ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’ve already highlighted a few in the realm of fashion and beauty. But this one also caters to the fitness buffs that is worth some attention. New Age Performance […]

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Enter For A Chance To Win A Runtastic Orbit!

Posted October 20, 2014 by Anonymous

Runtastic Orbit – the new, 24-hour wearable from Runtastic — provides you with reliable, round-the-clock tracking to help you get a better sense of your daily movements, personal habits and untapped potential. It has some really great features to help get […]

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“Jeunesse,” miracle cure?

Posted March 9, 2015 by Allan W Janssen

Dear Readers: As you may know I just spent ten weeks in the hospital, four of them on life support, for complications from the flu! My recover has been sporadic until I tried this product from “Jeunesse.” They call it “Reserve” and it is a combination of many natural occurring substances that slow aging and […]

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Walking It Off With WalkTop

Posted February 6, 2015 by Sonya

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and on my mobile devices. It has become a way of life. While computers and screens have made us more efficient in many ways—we can respond faster and more […]

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Lululemon Makes Shopping Easier With Apple’s Touch ID

Posted November 4, 2014 by Sonya

There are days that I thankfully don’t need to be running in heels. I love the days that I can zip the kid off to the school and then enjoy a yoga class or a walk with friends. On those days, […]

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8 Super Simple Ways to Get Healthy With Your Kids

Posted January 16, 2015 by Anonymous

Written by Kait Fowlie January—the month of fresh starts and health kicks! Too bad it’s bleak as hell outside and getting out of bed in the morning is about as inspiring as the morning after New Year’s Eve… So, here’s […]

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Allan's Perspective

You are what you eat!

Posted March 15, 2015 by Allan W Janssen

Coffee, first it was good for ya, then it was bad for ya, and now it’s good for ya again! Seems that’s not the only thing professionals have been lying to us about according to Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail! ————————————- Bacon and eggs for breakfast is a guilty pleasure in our household. […]

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10 Songs To Get You Motivated & Active

Posted April 30, 2015 by Anonymous

Getting yourself motivated to exercise can be more than half the battle sometimes. For me a new pair of Nikes or a fresh New Balance t-shirt or a new pair of Lululemon high waist Wunder Under tights (I swear by […]

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Review: Runtastic Orbit Fitness Wearable Tech

Posted October 8, 2014 by Sonya

There are a few options out there for fitness wearables and this one is designed for fun as well as motivation. The Runtastic Orbit comes with several bells and whistles to keep you moving. For someone like me, who needs […]

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2015 Workout Trends You Need To Try

Posted January 5, 2015 by Anonymous

Written by Natalie Ast Start off your new year’s resolutions with some new workout activities that will get you motivated to get your blood pumping. High Intensity Interval Training HIIT workouts involve short bursts of intense exercise, followed by a […]

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Get Yourself Motivated With These On Point Fitness Tips

Posted March 25, 2015 by Sonya

There are days that you couldn’t pay me to get to a fitness class. I’ll drag around like I have a ton of bricks chained to my ankles and make every excuse in the book to just not get there. […]

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