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The Correct Level of Profits in an Economy

Posted April 22, 2014 by Ian Welsh

Sustained high profits, in free market economics, are considered the sign of an uncompetitive market.  De-fact if an industry or business makes high profits regularly, and certainly if they do so for more than a decade or so, the market is not competitive. The response to that should be political: either make the market competitive, [...]

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You want a good internet economy with lots of jobs? Here’s How.

Posted April 18, 2014 by Ian Welsh

I’ve been blogging for a long time, and I was managing editor of both the Agonist, and FDL.  While at both jobs, advertising income wasn’t my responsibility, except indirectly (I was responsible for traffic), I kept an oar in and an eye out. Here’s the deal: advertising revenue collapsed.  In particular it collapsed in 2007/8, [...]

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What Yoko Ono Knows About Fracking

Posted April 14, 2014 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

Today we are fresh off the tar soaked heels of Enbridge’s lie and spin machine in Kitimat, leading to a vote AGAINST their toxic future. In Kitimat, in a non-binding plebiscite, the people of Kitimat, but not the first peoples who live outside the town boundary, voted about 60-40 to kick out Enbridge. They’re liars, […]

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Allan's Perspective

Saturday Morning Confusion About XL Pipeline!

Posted April 12, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Dear Readers: First of all we have some news from the town of Kitimat, way out in the wilds of British Columbia. You know about Kitimat, that’s the place where the XL pipeline is supposed to feed into a marine terminal for shipping oil overseas! Well, the tree huggers have been poring all sorts of […]

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Markets and Competitive Markets

Posted April 10, 2014 by Ian Welsh

Markets are almost entirely a product of government regulation and enforcement, and cannot be anything but. This is not just about the common observation that government must enforce contracts, but about the how it enforces contracts because contract law changes over time, and is differs from country to country. Even more fundamentally, what property is, [...]

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