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Not all holes are assholes, but some are!

Posted May 29, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Kimberley Big Hole – South Africa – Apparently the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the world, this 1,097 meter deep mine yielded over 3 tons of diamonds, before being closed. Folks: These holes are not only amazing, but some are really terrifying – Especially the final one ! The sheer scale of these holes reminds […]

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Kardashian speak with forked tongue!

Posted June 24, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Dear Readers: Your ever humble, and much maligned reporter weeps for society! POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has gripped our land and the nuts are running the show kids! Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has sparked outrage online after sporting a traditional Native American headdress to her niece’s lavish birthday bash.Listen boys and girls, if some asshole can […]

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Saturday Morning Confusion: It’s all politics to me!

Posted April 26, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Folks, while it has never been a gentleman’s game, at least politics was practiced with a certain degree of civility and decorum in the past. MY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED! It just occurred to me this morning that the veneer of respectability in politics is not only long gone, but despite the apparent differences, there […]

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Canada, eh!

Posted April 4, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

1. People in Churchill leave their car doors unlocked in case their neighbours need to make a quick escape from polar bears. 2. There’s also a prison for polar bears who break into peoples’ homes for food. Flickr: ankakay / Via Creative Commons 3. No cows in Canada are given artificial hormones for milk production. […]

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Reader’s Diary #1128- Benedict and Nancy Freedman: Mrs. Mike

Posted June 6, 2014 by John Mutford

My first awareness of Benedict and Nancy Freedman’s Mrs. Mike came from the Canadian Book Challenge. Supposedly it was a classic but somehow had managed to fly completely under my radar. Apparently though it was never as popular on this side of the bor…

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CanadaMap (2)

Saturday Morning Confusion: OR, how I carved up Canada!

Posted February 22, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

O.K. folks, now that we invaded the Turks and Caicos Islands earlier in the week, and made them a Canadian territory, we are now going to carve up the rest of Canada! First of all, as you can see on the map, our other territories are gone……………………., the Provinces go all the way up to […]

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Which cities swear the most on Twitter. Source

Posted June 30, 2014 by What's Different in Canada

Which cities swear the most on Twitter. Source

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Let’s get to The Source!

Posted July 23, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

A couple of notes about the left and right wing media here in Canada this morning. (By right wing, I mean, of course, Sun News and Sun TV, while left wing is just about everybody else!) Although I don’t hear cries of “hidden agenda” lately, left wing coverage of the Conservatives, and especially Harper, continues […]

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Astrid Young Announces Fourth Solo Album & Tour Dates

Posted June 19, 2014 by Andrew_Horan

Toronto’s Astrid Young has announced that she will release her fourth solo album One Night at Giant Rock on June 27. The album will be available in select stores, online at Tangerine Music Canada, online stores and iTunes. One Night at Giant Rock features an appearance from Victor DeLorenzo of The Violent Femmes. The collection of
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Stuff that can influence voter turnout

Posted June 11, 2014 by trashee

(31) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

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Garden Tour – Part II

Posted August 26, 2013 by Marguerite

Let’s continue with the tour shall we?A really great aspect of garden tours is looking at different types of property and how people make it work.  The third garden I visited sits on the edge of a steep enbankment.  It’s a narrow area and thi…

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Oakridge Style: The Occasion

Posted July 25, 2014 by Rebecca Bollwitt

© 2004-2014 Rebecca Bollwitt – Miss604. If your summer has been anything like mine, it’s been filled fun at weddings, festivals, barbecues, and dinner parties. Oakridge Centre has just unveiled a new online resource for these happenings called The Occasion, which is the good guest’s guide to attending any event in style. The Occasion provides […]

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#Toronto Importfest 2014

Posted July 26, 2014 by James Hamilton

Wow, hundreds of top tuner cars filled row upon row of the north building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 14th annual Biggest and Baddest day of cars and girls. Scheduled non-vehicular entertainment featured the bikini contest at 5pm and…

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Fake passengers booked on plane so Alta. premier could fly alone

Posted July 29, 2014 by The Canadian Press

Redford’s staff blocked others from flying on government plane, says report

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The next step in “Political Correctness” is here!

Posted April 6, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Folks, we got trouble in River City! Or at least in the University of River city! For any of you that thought “political correctness” was stupid, GET A LOAD OF THIS! University students have come up with an even more bizarre and asinine concept called “TRIGGER WARNINGS!” (That’s right kids, from now on, anytime a […]

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Today you voted?

Posted June 10, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Well folks, since the Ontario election is just two days away, I thought it was a good time for this story! While walking down the street one day a Member of Parliament is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. ‘Welcome […]

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The Occupy Movement Has Changed the Narrative, But We’re Not Done

Posted July 8, 2014 by Stephen Elliott-Buckley

Recently, with the WEF spending the last few years acknowledging global income inequality is a problem, I’ve declared a kind of victory for the Occupy Movement: getting the lexicon on the 1% and inequality on the tongues of the sly gazillionaires who rule the world, and into mass consumption. Now we see that the CEO […]

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Ex-engineer loses bid to censor parts of Elliot Lake mall report

Posted July 28, 2014 by The Canadian Press

Robert Wood wanted parts of inquiry report kept secret until after his criminal trial

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Geronimo Stilton en famille: soirée magique au Royaume de la fantaisie

Posted December 21, 2013 by Martine Gingras

Tout a commencé avec un livre croisé sur un rayon de la bibliothèque l’an dernier. Un gros livre. Ma «grande», le regardait avec convoitise: Geronimo Stilton faisait parler de lui à l’école, pour ses livres «qui puent et qui sentent … Suite

Cet article Geronimo Stilton en famille: soirée magique au Royaume de la fantaisie est apparu en premier sur Banlieusardises.

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Reader’s Diary #1141- Dorianne Emmerton: Lost in Space and Love

Posted June 29, 2014 by John Mutford

(This is a pre-written post scheduled to appear while I am in Ontario.)

Not that you’d recognize Ontario in “Lost in Space and Love” (the only Ontario connection here is that it’s the home of the author, Dorianne Emmerton).

It’s a flash fiction story, a 2011 winner in an Open Book Toronto monthly flash fiction contest. The challenge that month was “to take us somewhere we’ve never been. Use setting to bring a foreign land or a new world alive for us.”

The setting in Emmerton’s story is great and if it weren’t for the double suns (which I think steals from Star Wars) nearly meets the challenge requirement. The gray, dangerous planet certainly complements and adds to the despair of the narrator and her girlfriend. Having escaped from a war in which the two women were supposed to be enemies, it doesn’t turn out to be the happy ever after story I’m sure either had imagined. Night’s coming on, and they have a lot of kicking at the darkness ahead of them before this planet will bleed a double daylight again.

I wonder if the story is a metaphor for the pressures put on couples who try to love one another against the odds and against society (they had been fighting on opposite sides, after all), or is it just a simple but sad piece of sci-fi?

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Les politiciens, les routes, les ponts

Posted May 12, 2014 by Claude Dupras

La Commission d’enquête sur l’octroi et la gestion des contrats publics dans l’industrie de la construction, la commission Charbonneau, a mis en évidence cette semaine l’ex-ministre péquiste Guy Chevrette qui a été longtemps ministre de différents ministères du gouvernement du Québec, dont celui du Transport. Il a été accusé, au début des séances publiques que tient la Commission, par un organisateur politique d’avoir reçu un montant de 100 000$ pour la construction d’une route, la 125 nord, au coût de 23 millions de $ dans son comté.

Chevrette a défendu férocement sa probité, son intégrité et a tout nié en rapport avec le présumé montant reçu. On ne pouvait s’attendre à autre chose. Mais ce qui a été plus révélateur, c’est son affirmation à l’effet que « le choix de la réalisation de grand projets routiers au Québec est politique ».

La 125 nord est une route (de qualité autoroute), en pleine forêt et montagnes, longue de plus de 40 de km. Depuis son ouverture au public, elle est très peu fréquentée. Je l’ai parcourue hier pour vérifier la véracité de cette affirmation et je n’ai croisé que trois automobiles qui venaient en sens contraire et des dizaines de cyclistes. J’ai compris pourquoi elle a le surnom « de la plus belle route cycliste au Québec ». C’est Chevrette qui a décidé de la construire supposément, dit-il, « pour des raisons de développement touristique de sa région de Lanaudière ». Les spécialistes du ministère du Transport, responsables de l’analyse des besoins routiers au Québec, sont venus témoigner à la Commission pour affirmer qu’ils n’étaient pas en accord avec la construction de cette nouvelle route 125 nord puisqu’ils ne pouvaient en démontrer la nécessité.

Pour justifier son raisonnement, Chevrette a donné cinq exemples de cas similaires de routes construites durant les dernières années, dont l’autoroute qui mène de la ville de Québec au Saguenay et l’autoroute 55 qui s’étend de la frontière canado-américaine (route de Boston) à la transcanadienne. Je connais ces deux autoroutes. Elles sont somptueuses et se déroulent dans un décor naturel de toute beauté. Mais elles sont peu achalandées et leur réalisation a coûté très cher.

Il me semble clair que les projets mentionnés plus haut font la preuve que la réalisation de grands projets routiers doit être basée sur des études de circulation sérieuses et qu’aucun projet de cette nature ne peut être accepté par les élus sans la recommandation des hauts fonctionnaires experts du ministère. Ce n’est pas à un député-ministre, qui ne s’y connaît pas en la matière, de décider et d’imposer une telle dépense à l’ensemble des Québécois, pour accroître sa popularité locale.

Le Québec fait face à des déficits importants et à un surendettement qui dépasse ses moyens. Cela est dû au laisser-aller politicien des dernières années durant lesquelles la manne a été distribuée aux Québécois qui en demandaient toujours davantage. Malheureusement, elle n’était pas providentielle ni miraculeuse mais générée par nos emprunts. Et aujourd’hui, le nouveau gouvernement Couillard se voit obligé de proposer de prendre des bouchées doubles de coupures budgétaires pour resolidifier d’urgence les finances du Québec. Ça va faire mal !

Du côté du gouvernement fédéral, la situation financière se présente mieux. Le gouvernement conservateur du PM Stephen Harper a vite reconnu le danger qui l’affrontait. Il a eu le courage de prendre les grands moyens et de réduire appréciablement les dépenses gouvernementales. Au point que l’an prochain, le Canada aura un surplus budgétaire et sera en mesure de commencer à rembourser sa dette et de diminuer les impôts des Canadiens.

Cela n’a pas été réalisé facilement. Plusieurs restrictions budgétaires ont été critiquées vivement lorsqu’elles se sont faites sentir, dont certaines avec raison, comme celles qui affectent l’émancipation de la langue française au pays. Je ne suis pas un grand « fan » du PM Harper. Je le trouve insensible face aux demandes du Québec et considère que cette attitude nuit à l’unité canadienne. Mais il faut reconnaître qu’il a réussi à mettre les finances du Canada en ordre et qu’aujourd’hui cela est à notre avantage. Lorsque nous nous comparons aux USA, à la France, à la Grande Bretagne, à l’Italie, à l’Espagne, à la Grèce et à très grand nombre d’autres pays, nous pouvons dire à Harper : Bravo!

La question du jour dans la région métropolitaine de Montréal est la construction d’un nouveau pont pour remplacer l’important pont Champlain tombé en désuétude. Infrastructure fédérale, Harper a décidé qu’elle sera payée grâce aux revenus d’un système électronique intelligent de péage pour chaque véhicule traversant le pont, ce qui ne nécessitera aucun arrêt et n’alourdira pas la circulation.

Devant cette proposition, la voix des utilisateurs s’est aussitôt élevée et la complainte a été reprise fortement par tous les politiciens québécois dont les commettants sont touchés par cette décision. En chœur, ils critiquent vertement la décision du gouvernement d’Ottawa et réclament la gratuité pour le passage sur le pont. Pourtant, on parle d’un investissement qui dépasse quelques milliards de $.

Les deux derniers ponts construits à Laval et à Beauharnois sont à péage, avec le même genre de système, et personne n’a vraiment critiqué ces décisions. Le grand pont de la Confédération dans les maritimes est payant. Partout au monde de nouveaux ponts et des autoroutes sont payants. En Écosse, par exemple, c’est payant et on peut payer le passage, contrôlé électroniquement, dans tout dépanneur si on n’est pas abonné.

Si nous voulons un gouvernement qui vit selon ses moyens, on ne peut ajouter cette dépense, comme d’autres, à celles de l’état fédéral. Certains disent que les autres ponts qui traversent le fleuve aux extrémités de l’île de Montréal seront surchargés d’automobiles puisqu’ils seront sans péage. C’est un argument gratuit qui n’est pas prouvé et pour lequel certains experts disent le contraire. D’autres estiment que le fardeau monétaire annuel du péage pour les propriétaires de véhicules qui quotidiennement entrent et sortent de Montréal sera trop fort. Ils oublient qu’il y a à peine quelques années, nous n’avions pas de charges d’internet et de cellulaire et qu’aujourd’hui presque tout le monde paye de 60 à 100$ par mois pour ces services. Nous nous sommes adaptés. C’est ce qu’on appelle le progrès.

Nous aurons besoin de plus en plus de rénover nos grandes infrastructures et d’en construire de nouvelles dans le futur et les usagers devront les payer. Notre population est vieillissante, nos besoins sociaux et autres grandissants et pour rencontrer leurs obligations nos gouvernements devront en avoir les moyens. On ne peut continuellement s’endetter et laisser cette charge pesante aux générations futures.

Que les politiciens locaux cessent de ne penser qu’à leur niveau de popularité et à leur réélection ! Qu’ils laissent la fonction publique faire son boulot ! Qu’ils réalisent la difficile situation financière dans laquelle nous sommes plongés et qu’ils agissent avec responsabilité !

Le Québec et le Canada doivent être financièrement solides pour faire face aux besoins de demain de leurs populations et aux défis d’avenir. Le seul vrai moyen est que chacun fasse sa part, tous les jours.

Claude Dupras

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It’s almost Honda Indy #Toronto time

Posted July 6, 2014 by James Hamilton

With the race track and stands under construction the start of the Verizon @HondaIndy and the 2inTO race July 18-20, 2014 weekend. Time to start remembering some of the sights and sounds from the Exhibition Place and Lake Shore Boulevard street course …

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12 Monkeys in #Toronto

Posted July 29, 2014 by James Hamilton

Amanda Schull films on Bay Street with Rick Hoffman during production of the new series 12 Monkeys. The movie stars Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Kirk Acevedo, Emily Hampshire and Noah Bean.Based on the 1995 movie of the same name, which starred Brad …

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Easy Canadian Olympic Project

Posted February 9, 2014 by Gail Bartel

Here is an easy Canadian Olympic project.  I got the idea from the logo for the Canadian Olympic Development program. I’m currently making an Olympic file folder book with Grade 1 at my latest residency.  This will be on our back cover.MATERI…

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Most commonly-spoken language besides English or French by…

Posted May 14, 2014 by What's Different in Canada

Most commonly-spoken language besides English or French by province. (“Chinese” is short for “Chinese dialects” in this infographic.)

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Allan's Perspective

Convert to Islam or face the sword!

Posted June 23, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Christianity is on the run in the Middle-East folks! Won’t be long before Israel is the only place they will be safe! “Iraqi Christians flee cities captured by extremists known to kill non-Muslims:” That was the stark message Christians in the Syrian city of Raqqa received when ultra-fundamentalist Sunni extremists, proclaiming themselves to be members […]

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Allan's Perspective

Lets get things back into Perspective here! #1

Posted July 18, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Folks, let’s get things back into perspective here! Your humble and overworked reporter has to set things right on certain occasions, so we here at the Perspective Research Department, along with the staff at Naked News, are going to provide a regular feature here on called…………………………, LET’S GET THINGS BACK INTO PERSPECTIVE HERE! We […]

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World War 3 …. here we come, nukes and all

Posted July 29, 2014 by MariaS

Watch the vid to the end and see if you can catch anything amiss with what the IMF woman says. It’s to do with numbers. I will update this post 24 hrs from now to give the answer. 
Hint: She made the statement in January 2014. 

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Was the fix in for Mi’kmaq Warriors at Elsipogtog?

Posted October 24, 2013 by dawn
Signs point to some having prior knowledge October 17th was ‘take down’ day

MONCTON, NB–Coady Stevens, the first of six Mi’kmaq Warrior to appear on charges related to the anti-shale gas encampment along Highway 134, has been denied bail.

As bail hearings today continue for the five remaining incarcerated members of the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society, enough information is beginning to surface to suggest that the vicious pre-dawn RCMP takedown of the anti-shale gas encampment on the morning of October 17th was a well known fact among some before it happened.

This is not to suggest that these people necessarily knew of the severity or magnitude of the RCMP raid, or even what it would look like. On the other hand, the possibility that others knew of the raid on October 17th is becoming too real to ignore.

Not only this, but there is a clear possibility that the greater narrative behind the raid is the measured destruction of the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society, to be replaced in their stead by a joint Assembly of First Nations/RCMP force.

Did Elsipogtog First Nation Chief Sock know that Thursday was the day?

Much has been made of the fact that Chief Sock and members of his council were arrested on the morning of October 17th. Sock and council were arrested in the second confrontation with RCMP, after the police had swept through the encampment, making numerous arrests, with guns drawn in the pre-dawn hours.

What brings Sock’s pre-awareness of the events of the 17th into question is a series of notes obtained by APTN journalist Jorge Barerra.

The notes, which Sock has since admitted to Barerra that he penned, were taken during a meeting between Chief Sock, Robert Levi and ‘Jumbo’ Sock, who are both councillors from Elsipogtog First Nation, Tobique First Nation member John Deveau and Listuguj First Nation member Wendell Metallic, and two provincially-appointed advisors and other members of the New Brunswick provincial government, which included premier and Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Alward, as well as Energy minister Craig Leonard.

The Sock notes suggest that the talks focused, at least for a period, on a timeline of when to take down the ongoing blockade.

Point ’8′ on page one reads: “Blockade down, protest continues.”

Point ’3′ on page two of Sock’s hand-written notes says: “Week – time limit Monday to next Wednesday.”

Point ’4′ on the same page reads: “Equipment out Thursday?”

These notes were written on Monday, October 7th, so it is reasonably safe to conclude that the “next Wednesday” in question refers to Wednesday, October 16th. The Thursday in question is October 17th, the date of the vicious raid.

Granted, Sock does continue to publicly denounce SWN Resources Canada’s seismic testing in the area. In an attempt to patch up relations between his community and the RCMP, he even helped clean up the wreckage of six torched police cars. But based on his own notes, one must consider the possibility that he was aware that there was a plan in motion to dismantle the encampment and end the peaceful anti-shale gas encampment on Thursday, October 17th.

A blockade of millions of dollars of seismic testing equipment, without which SWN could not work, is one thing. A peaceful protest alongside the highway, where people can vent their indignation without actually stopping the Texas-based company from testing for shale gas deposits, is quite another.

One is effective, albeit potentially illegal in the eyes of the Crown. The other is a co-option of energy towards ineffective means, that is, if you actually want to stop the company from working.

The fly in Sock’s ear: John Deveau, heir to the director’s chair of the joint AFN/RCMP crisis response team in New Brunswick

Deveau, one of Sock’s provincially-appointed advisers, is an intriguing character and no stranger to the anti-shale gas protests in Elsipogtog. We have written in more detail about him here.

But to fully understand his role in the current anti-shale gas movement – and it is a big one – we need to back up for a moment to late June of 2013, when Elsipogtog’s anti-shale gas movement was being led by Elsipogtog ‘War Chief’ John Levi.

After 12 anti-shale gas arrests occurred on June 21st, 2013, along Highway 126 in Kent County, the community of Elsipogtog was understandably up in arms. A eight and a half month pregnant woman had been arrested, and an elder had been roughed up enough by RCMP that she was bleeding from the mouth by the time they zip-strapped her and tossed her in their wagon.

In response, on June 23rd, two new players were introduced to the community during a town hall-style meeting in Elsipogtog.

The first was the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society. The second was Tobique First Nation member Wendell Nicholas.

When first brought before the community of Elsipogtog, Nicholas was introduced as a ‘UN Independant [sic] Observer’. His rather vaguely defined mission at the time was related to making observations and preparing an upcoming report for a branch of the United Nations.

Claire Stewart Kannigan, working for, identified a mis-print on Nicholas’ shirt and started snooping. When Kannigan couldn’t find an established connection between Nicholas and the United Nations, and proceeded to out him on rabble, Nicholas promptly re-branded himself – with the assistance of a Chief Sock-led press conference – as the leader of a new ‘peacekeeping’ team known as the ‘Elsipogtog Peacekeepers’.

In the midst of a heated summer of protests, with residents tired of watching their community members being roughed up by the RCMP, the press conference introducing Nicholas was awash with hand shakes, ceremony and praise for Nicholas’ new team – even if his role wasn’t entirely understood beyond being something of a liaison between Elsipogtog band council and the RCMP.

As it turn out, Nicholas is something of an old hand in the game of liaising between First Nations communities and the Royal Colonial Mounted Police. In fact, he is the brainchild behind the Public Safety Cooperation Protocol (PSCP).

At the very least co-authored by Nicholas in 2004, the PSCP is amongst the modern day memorandums that facilitates sharing information between Indian Act chiefs and the RCMP on Indigenous unrest across Turtle Island. It is, in essence, an agreement between then AFN Chief Phil Fontaine and RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli – on behalf of the Queen – to spy on and squash Indigenous grassroots unrest before it starts. The terms used in the PSCP are more flowery and bureaucratic than that, but the song remains the same.

Fontaine found himself outed and discredited when he collaborated with the RCMP to quash Indigenous unrest in 2007. His intelligence sharing with the police smacks of the Nicholas-penned PSCP agreement.

As for Nicholas, he hired members of the Elsipogtog community on as peacekeepers, and also hired people from outside of the community.

Suddenly summertime anti-shale gas protests alongside of the highways in Kent County were highly monitored affairs, with people wearing bright orange ‘Elsipogtog Peacekeepers’ t-shirts wandering around everywhere, some speaking to the police, some taking notes on clipboards.

One of those bright-shirted protest monitors was former US National Guardsman and police officer –and Nicholas’ cousin- John Deveau.

At some point, possibly due to failing health or prior commitments, Nicholas stopped being the public face of the Elsipogtog Peacekeepers. Handing over the daily duties to Deveau, Nicholas retired to a behind-the-scenes roll as Elsipogtog’s Public Safety Advisor, where he appears to remain.

Deveau, for his part, took over the directorship of the ‘peacekeeping’ team, and is actively drawing a salary of $60,000 a year as the director of the ‘Wabanaki Peacekeepers’, essentially version 2.0 of the Elsipogtog outfit, but with better equipment and full-time salaries.

Make no mistake. This is the pleasant name given to the Deveau-run joint AFN/RCMP crisis response team, the team that all summer long was liaising with SWN, the RCMP and Elsipogtog Band Council – all the while presenting itself as a neutral negotiating body to grassroots activists actually on the ground.

October 16th, 2013: John Deveau gets outed by the grassroots.

On Wednesday, October 16th, a crew of grassroots activists from Elsipogtog, as well as members of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society, broke in on a John Deveau-chaired meeting. Present were numerous members of the RCMP, Elsipogtog ‘War Chief’ John Levi and several members of the Elsipogtog community.

Elsipogtog elder – and Levi’s aunt – Norma Augustine requested that Deveau, as well as bad-faith RCMP negotiator “Dickie” Bernard, be escorted out of Elsipogtog First Nation.

And by now the entire nation knows what took place on Thursday October 17th.

A tale of two Johns. Dividing camps, co-opting a movement

Elsipogtog ‘War Chief’ John Levi’s influence upon the autumn anti-shale gas blockade along Highway 134 was virtually non-existent before October 17th. Levi, a clean and sober sun-dancer, has made much of what he perceived as the Mi’kmaq Warriors less-than-puritan lifestyle, and has privately used this as his reasoning not to attend the blockade.

It is possible that some of these disparaging remarks were fuelled by the general misunderstanding over Levi’s role as Elsipogtog’s ‘War Chief’, and where exactly that placed him within the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society.

In effect, it placed him nowhere.

The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society operates as an independent body, with it’s own Chief and ranking system.

For his part, Levi was appointed ‘War Chief’ of Elsipogtog by Noel Augustine, Keptin of District 6 of the Migmaw Grand Council. The Grand Council is a modern day facsimile of a traditional Mi’kmaq government style that does not appear to wield much more than figurehead-style power. Noel Augustine, for example, has issued a variety of eviction notices to SWN Resources Canada, all of which have fallen upon the deaf ears of the Texas-based gas giant.

The more nefarious possibility is that Levi, under the influence of Deveau, could not infiltrate the encampment to any degree of information-gathering success, and thus reverted to a public smear campaign against the Warriors.

In any case, with the violent takedown of the Warrior Society out of the way, Levi is once again a common sight at the quickly rebuilding camp along Highway 134. It has been reported that Levi’s main aim at Highway 134, however, is in actively trying to encourage activists to move towards last summer’s encampment along Highway 116.

To boot, it has been reported that Levi is in negotiations with RCMP, offering the police that he can move the camp to the out-of-the-way Highway 116 location, in exchange for the police grounding their ever-present spy plane that continues to monitor the encampment along Highway 134.

Despite the destruction of the encampment during the raid of the 17th, the Highway 134 encampment by far remains the more tactical of camps.

SWN’s seismic testing lines are slated to be near Highway 11, one of the main arteries of transport in New Brunswick. Snap highway blockades, as occurred on October 19th as a show of defiance in the face of the RCMP’s raid, are also a quick and potential technique when the encampment remains on the 134. The 116 camp, arguably safer due to it’s proximity to Elsipogtog First Nation, is tucked far out of the way of any action save the falling of leaves.

Sadly, especially considering the very real legal costs now being incurred by the five Warriors who remain without a bail hearing, Levi’s camp division has also reached a financial level.

Splitting up donations from well-intention sources, including accepting money from the popular group The Indigo Girls, and then funnelling this money towards other side-projects, rather than towards the immediate legal costs of the Mi’kmaq Warriors, is only the tip of the iceberg.

At the Wilsons’ gas station in Elsipogtog, there are now two donation jars side by side. One for donations to the Highway 134 encampment, and one for the Highway 116 encampment. Social media has also begun offering a variety of sources for donations. Most appear to agree that the Warriors’ legal defence fund, which has already paid out a retainer to lawyers Lemieux and Menard, is the grassroots choice for donations.

APTN reported Monday that Chief Sock may well give the Elsipogtog band seal of approval, as it relates to anti-shale gas protests, to Levi. What exactly this means is entirely unclear.

With a summer’s worth of experience in leading blockade-free anti-shale gas protests on the side of the highway, and with close friend John Deveau there to guide him, Levi may well be the front-runner for the band’s endorsement.

The case of the missing van – and the missing Christian Peacemaker Team

At the rebuilding encampment along Highway 134, rumours continue to circulate of pre-October 17th tip-offs to the effect that Thursday would be a bad morning to be there. None of these rumours have been validated, yet, except for one.

On the evening of October 16th, Lorraine Clair, whose van originally had been blocking the entrance to the compound where SWN Resources Canada’s seismic testing equipment was being held, left the encampment. She left with her van.

It is unclear whether she had some kind of verbal altercation with members of the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society before she drove off.

In any case, before leaving the encampment, Clair contacted Chris Sabas Shirazi, the senior member of the Christian Peacemaker Team that had been monitoring the Indigenous anti-shale gas activists from Elsipogtog since the summer. Clair asked Shirazi to leave the encampment with her.

Shirazi then asked Elsipogtog elder Kenneth Francis, who was on the scene to give Clair’s dead van a battery boost if she should leave. Francis concurred that the CPT team should leave the encampment.

In her attempt to justify fleeing a scene that in hindsight was in desperate need of some kind of independent monitoring to counter the RCMP narrative that is seeing multiple charges being levied at all six incarcerated members of the Warrior Society, Shirazi noted that Clair – after John Levi became a non-factor at the Highway 134 encampment – was her “community partner from Elsipogtog.” Rather than seeking a new “community partner” at a live situation with the very real potential for confrontation to erupt, it appears that the CPT’s partnership chain ended with Clair.

So on the night of the 16th, at the request of Clair and Francis, the CPT left the as-yet peaceful encampment on Highway 134.

In her defence, Shirazi did attempt to return to the site in the morning. She also took some great video – amongst many other great videos – of the secondary confrontation with RCMP on the morning of the 17th.

Of the initial conflict, precious little footage exists that is not in RCMP hands.

Clair, for her part, appears to have located a computer on the evening of the 16th. She wrote a short message, all in caps, and posted it on the most visited of social media sites. The message mentioned that the “peaceful” part of the protest was over, and encouraged all supporters to meet her and others at the Highway 116 encampment for a noontime ceremony on the 17th. It cannot be determined what Clair was basing her assessment on; as a first-hand observer I saw no violence break out at the encampment on the night of the 16th to suggest that the peaceful part of the encampment had ended.

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Ottawa giveaway alert: win tickets to a farm fresh dinner at Saunders Farm

Posted July 15, 2014 by andrea tomkins

To help celebrate their amazing community of farmers and a brand spanking new kitchen, longtime Fishbowl patron Saunders Farm has announced a couple of really cool dinner-related events. All of the food will be local and fresh! fresh! fresh! and will also feature local craft beers and craft VQA wines from Ontario. Chef Whitney Toogood recently […]

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Salmon spawn in East Vancouver?

Posted November 12, 2013 by Darren

The other day–I can’t recall where–I read a story about salmon spawning in East Vancouver. It turns out that they spawn in Still Creek, near the…

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Sunday at the races – @HondaIndy 2014

Posted July 20, 2014 by James Hamilton

Saturday’s loss is Sunday’s gain as the weekend 2inTO has become 2in1day! Starting early in the morning the typical race of 85 laps or two hours will be reduced to help the drivers and teams survive the grueling Sunday, one-two race combination on the streets of Toronto. Verizon IndyCar series mascot Firehawk gives his two thumbs up (photo at top).  Overall it was an impressive display of racing during the whole weekend and the crowds, from FAN Friday to the last day on Sunday were quite large.

Minor precipitation starting around noon Saturday became a downpour that forced the the series to move the dates of the scheduled race around the 11-turn, 1.75 mile circuit. Sunday weather forecasts unfortunately contain some precipitation described as light rain and isolated which will hopefully hold off until the motorfest and other festivals have finished.

Driver James Hinchcliffe #27 is interviewed by Sportsnet reporter Todd Lewis. James finished 8th in the first race.

“Due to inclement weather, the Verizon IndyCar Series postponed its Saturday race one. The Honda Indy Toronto will now hold two Verizon IndyCar Series races on Sunday. The races will both be 65 laps or 80 minutes each, whichever comes first. Race one will take place at 10:30 a.m. and will be a rolling start. Race two will take place at 4:15 p.m. and will be a standing start. This is the first time in the history of the event and in Canada that two INDYCAR races will be held in one day. We will honour all Saturday tickets with a Sunday general admission ticket, and will provide kiosks for these fans at the entry gates. An email will be sent directly to our customer database with further details. Information will also be posted on our social media sites. Gates for the Honda Indy Toronto will open at 8 a.m. We are doing this for our fans. It’s a lot of racing and it’s good racing. Thank you for your patience and continued support.”

Indy Lights coming out of turn 3

The day started off really nice even though rain was falling to the west of Toronto, eventually light rain started falling during the second IndyCar race in the late afternoon, however it didn’t last too long and the track quickly dried up. Sunday’s original schedule was thrown out the window and the entire day was rearranged to accommodate the new one day IndyCar and USF2000 double headers. The IndyCar pre-race ceremony was reduced for race one and the winners at victory circle did not spray any champagne.

GIF animations generator

GIF animations generator

Sunday was full slate of events with an Indy Lights race, two Pirelli World Challenge (WC) races pictured above, two USF2000 races, two IndyCar races, the final Stadium Super Trucks (SST) race and the final F1600 race. Off track, the highly anticipated Toronto Sun Grid Girl contest was to take place after the post race #1 IndyCar Victory Circle celebration. There was also a couple of rounds of driver autograph sessions which were held in their team areas in the IndyCar paddock.

IndyCars waiting to enter Pit Lane from Gasoline Alley, looking towards Princes’ Gates.
Retired IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti remains with CGRT and provided advice to the team.

Paul Tracy, or the Thrill from West Hill moves from his sports commentator roles and climbs back into a TRAXXAS-sponsored Formula Off-Road Stadium Super Truck. After crashing during his 2013 foray into the high-flying truck series, he joins eight competitors in the race. The four 36 inch jumps provide a surface where trucks blast 20 feet into the air and don’t hit ground for a considerable distance. The new time for the trucks jumping is 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

“Sheldon Creed, 16, who won one of last year’s two races at Toronto, will drive another TRAXXAS-sponsored SST and will be joined in the field by 2014 series’ winners Apdaly Lopez and Robby Gordon. Series regular Scotty Steele, 16, as well as Nick Vanis and Aaron Baumbach return to the TRAXXAS series along with Bill Hynes who is making his series debut.”

Off the track make sure to catch the Toronto Sun Grid Girls who will compete for the title Miss Honda Indy on Sunday, July 20 from noon to 2 pm at Victory Circle. You can also find ladies of the Honda Indy Toronto 2014 on my post here.

Contest judges from UFD

IndyCars are positioned along the far side of Pit Lane when drivers are instructed to get to their cars. Final preparations involving fire masks and helmets are completed and the drivers squeeze into their cars and the steering wheels are added one they are in place. After the opening ceremonies and national anthems (Canadian and American) drivers are given the famous instruction to start their cars. Three cars stalled but then got their engines turning and entered the rolling grid. For this race cars were alloted only 69.5 gallons of fuel and the race begins when the cars go by the flag stand for the third time.

A full course blockage in lap one puts a temporary hold on the cars before the race gets underway under yellow in the second lap and full green in the fourth lap. Bourdais #11 leads in the first lap and continues leading for most of the race and ends with his first win of 2014 in the first race of 65 laps by a margin of only 3.3408 seconds. Helio Castroneves #3 comes second and finishing in third is Tony Kanaan #10.

Tony Kanaan congratulates Sebastian Bourdais
The confetti cannon launches in Victory Circle

Sebastien says of the win “It’s really sweet. That didn’t come easy. WE had to fight and wait for it for a long time but today was just one of those days when the stars align. I guess I was not expecting it because here I know how things can go.”

Helio Castroneves #2 takes the lead for the initial few laps before losing his place to Will Power #12 in lap 14. Driver James Hinchliffe #27 hits Juan Pablo Montoya #2 early in the race but is able to continue. Mike Conway #20 takes the checkered flag in lap 56 to end the double-header, followed by Tony Kanaan #10 and Will Power #12. Mike has won two races in 2014 and races for owner/driver Ed Carpenter. Tony’s second place sent him to the podium twice during this weekend.

Mike credits part of his win to the decision to change from rain tires to slicks which benefited him greatly as the track dried out. During the light rain the conditions were tricky for driving as part of the track, especially the concrete, felt like ice. Team owner Ed Carpenter said that Mike is one hell of a racer and he made the right call. Teams were confused by IndyCar’s use of the red flag on a timed race and conceded that more communication is needed on non-standard issue like this.
During the post race press conference Tony Kanaan jokingly asks if IndyCar wanted them to race again on Sunday after completing the 2in1day double-header. He did admit as he gets older it takes him awhile to recover from the race and he appreciates fans for staying for the racing. Tony took over the #10 car from Dario Francitti after he suddenly retired due to injuries. He says that one of the best things that owner Chip has done was to keep Dario on board for advice.
At the start for pole position Will Power was moved to the back of the race for some reason he has not figured out. His qualification time, used for start position, was suddenly changed so he felt the element of surprise was awesome.
The view from Turn 10 grandstands provides a great view of the S bend

Winners of Race #1, l-r Helio Castroneves (2nd), Sebastien Bourdais (1st) and Tony Kanaan (3rd)
An SST goes up on two wheels
Mike Conway #20 comes out of the pits
Umbrellas come out in the rain during race #2
Race #2 winners, l-r Tony Kanaan (2nd), Mike Conway (1st) and Helio Castroneves (3rd)

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Alberta P3 News #skpoli

Posted June 18, 2014 by John Klein

Here’s some news hot out of Alberta. Only one of them is satirical. The other satirical bit is that Saskatchewan’s Sask Party recently announced they’d be saving taxpayers millions of dollars by starting a P3 Bike Share like Stettler had. No wait, they said they were going to build P3 schools, after the Alberta model, […]

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Como crear un Perfil Poderoso en LinkedIn utilizando el Método PLiP

Posted February 25, 2014 by Autor Invitado

Hoy soy invitado en mi propio blog. No escribo como Guillermo de Los Ziegler, sino como Guillermo, el “Coach”de Ziegler Immigration Coaching. Espero que la nota les sea de ayuda! En el año 2012 la compañía Bullhorn Reach publicó un estudio sobre el uso de las redes sociales por los buscadores de talentos y empresas […]

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A “power nap” in Canada

Posted May 28, 2014 by What's Different in Canada

A “power nap” in Canada

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Allan's Perspective

Summers here, and the livin’ is easy!

Posted July 1, 2014 by Allan W Janssen

Port Stanley, on Lake Erie, is a favourite summer spot for thousands, and has a beach that is swarming with people on a warm, sunny day. But! Not all those people are happy campers kids. The OPP did something to piss of somebody, because at 3 a.m. last night somebody stole their boat and torched […]

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Conservative Chris Tells A Tall Tale

Posted July 24, 2014 by John Klein

.@CBCNews – @calxandr HarperCON’s trained MP seal, announces Poverty has been eliminated in Canada. Yes, really— StopApartheid Israel (@NadineLumley) July 24, 2014 How Chris Alexander stacks up with James Moore, and Lying Leona A. I’ll leave to you to sort out.

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Snowy Afternoon Walking With My Dog

Posted February 1, 2014 by Debra

April Reign

A few pics and short video showing just how hard it was snowing. Looks lovely and for once wasn’t bitterly cold.

April Reign – In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

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Vote. It’s easy.

Posted June 12, 2014 by trashee

Just do it. As I was explaining to my two youngest kids yesterday on the drive home after school, literally millions of people have died and are dying to do what we in Canada take for granted: The right to choose our leaders. So vote. Exercise this right for which so much has been sacrificed. […]

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